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1090ATLAS annual conference 2012 - London

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  • Leontine Onderwater
    Mar 1, 2012


      ATLAS annual conference 2012

      12 - 15 September 2012, London, United Kingdom  

      University of East London

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      Re-creating the Global City:

      Tourism, Leisure and Mega-Events in the Transformation of 21st Century Cities


      Abstracts submission before March 1st, 2012



      The hosting of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games in Stratford, East London, on the doorstep of the University of East London, offers a timely opportunity to reflect back upon earlier studies linking tourism and revitalisation of urban spaces, as well as to encourage critical reflection upon the complex relationship between mega-events such as (but not exclusively) the Olympics, sports, tourism and wider questions of urban regeneration, economic development. It will also invite reflections on the role of sustainability and social justice in the context of recreating the global city for the cultural and creative industries, and tourism, given the emphasis of the London Games on both the sporting legacy as well as sustainability. Once it is has been built the Olympic Park will be one of the largest urban parks in Europe, while the London 2012 Games themselves, it is argued, will provide a muchneeded stimulus for economic development, centred on the construction of new housing, transport improvements and world-class sporting and leisure facilities in what is one of the most deprived and neglected areas of East London. However, the task of evaluating the longterm effects of hosting a sporting mega-event such as the Olympics, as well the long-term effect on tourism, heritage and the cultural industries, and indeed, urban regeneration, remains a complex and ideologically-contested endeavour.


      More information at http://www.atlas-euro.org





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      ATLAS SIG Gastronomy and Tourism Meeting

      During the International Congress of Traditional Food Products

      School of Agronomy from Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

      Auditorium Eugenio Castro Caldas, Ponte de Lima, Portugal

      3-5 May 2012.


      ATLAS annual conference 2012
      Re-creating the Global City:

      Tourism, Leisure and Mega-Events in the Transformation of 21st Century Cities
      London, United Kingdom
      12-15 September, 2012


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