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1040CFP AAG New York RTS session: "Tourism post 9/11"

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  • Alison Gill
    Sep 12, 2011
      CFP AAG New York RTS sponsored paper on "Tourism Post 9/11"

      Ten years on, tourism continues to grow in spite of major global disruptions
      like 9/11, whether they have been provoked by humans (wars, bomb-blasts,
      economic blow-outs) by nature (earth quakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions)
      or by both as in global warming, a form of carbon imprint. Although the
      percentage of world population that travels remains small since mobility is
      income dependent, it has not been diminished. Is there a lesson to be
      learned? Are tourists superficial beings, oblivious to the ills of the
      world? Or do they journey to offer their sympathy or support to bruised
      destinations? Are they rubber-neckers or feckless hedonists? Are they
      messengers of peace and solace? Our conference takes place in New York city
      where one can find few physical traces of this major terrorist act. Has it
      had any influence on the number of visitors to this global city? Or is it a
      question we should formulate?
      This session welcomes papers that reflect on all aspects of tourism's
      performance (e.g. on tourists and their practices) and development (is
      growth predictable or accidental) since this historic moment. Papers can
      address how tourism has incorporated this and other catastrophic moments or
      not and predict what it augurs for tourism's future. Is tourism this
      century's el dorado?

      In addition to registering your abstract for the conference on the AAG
      website, please submit a copy and your PIN to the session organizer, Anne-Marie d'Hauteserre at <adhautes@...> no later than Wednesday 21th September 2011.