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1032FW: PhD in Geography with Tourism Emphasis at Indiana University

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  • Alan A. Lew
    Sep 7, 2011
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      From: Knudsen, Daniel Curtis <knudsen@...>
      Date: Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 6:23 AM
      Subject: FW: PhD in Geography with Tourism Emphasis at Indiana University

      Positions leading to the PhD in Geography with an emphasis on tourism are being offered by the Department of Geography at Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana, USA. We focus on humanities-based tourism theory with emphases on the roles that identity, ideology, semiotics and performance play in tourism. Successful applicants are employed as teaching assistants and receive stipends and fee scholarships. Funding usually extends for four years given adequate progress toward a degree. Students typically earn a PhD minor in Tourism Studies. Further details are available and application can be made to: http://www.indiana.edu/~geog/graduate/admissions.shtml. Application should be made by 15 January 2012 for full funding consideration.


      Daniel C. Knudsen

      Remak Professor of West European Studies

      Professor of Geography

      Department of Geography

      Indiana University

      Bloomington, IN, USA 47405