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1030Fwd: Call for Papers - AAG - Dark Tourism

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  • Alan A. Lew
    Aug 29 12:47 PM

    FWD: Call for Papers:

    Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting New York, 24 – 28 February, 2012

    Special Session Title: Approaches to Tourism Management in Places with a Shadowed Past: Dark Tourism, Thanatourism, Dissonance in Heritage Tourism and a Geography of Memory

    Increasingly, heritage tourism includes visits to sites with a controversial or troubled history. In the past fifteen years or so, researchers have developed approaches which focus on this meanwhile well recognized phenomenon. The new approaches and conceptual developments in this field include “dissonance in heritage management/tourism”, “dark tourism”, “thanatourism” and new concepts of a “geography of memory”.  Some of the study sites are memorial sites of the Holocaust, sites of massacres during the ‘Indian Wars’ of the 1800s, sites commemorating the plight of slavery and the civil rights movement in the South of the U.S., sites of the Japanese-American internment camps during WW II and – just about 5 miles from the conference site – Ground Zero.

    Authors are asked to submit papers which discuss these new research directions and/or examine case studies of tourism to places with a shadowed past.

    Abstracts of about 250 should be submitted by Friday, September 16, 2011. Please e-mail them to Rudi Hartmann rudi.hartmann@... .