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Re: [rtalsorian] Mekton Fuzion Progress Report

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  • Jay Libby
    Sounds good!   ~Jay ________________________________ From: Chrisanthea LeVert To: rtalsorian@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 7, 2012
      Sounds good!

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      Subject: [rtalsorian] Mekton Fuzion Progress Report


      At the moment I'm working to combining the Generic Fuzion 5.02 with Total Fuzion™ Basic Rules - REV 4.4.3 Web Edition.  I've gotten prelimary permission from R. Talsorian themselves to use them in the Fanbook, they also gave me a guideline, and I'll be first letting them see the final manuscript to review before releasing for free.  So far, Authors of other Fuzion Plug-ins or Articles produced by other fans, that I would like to incorporate into Mekton Fuzion have also given their permissions to use them.  So the work goes well.

      The Internal art, I plan to use so far is my own, either my own version of inspired artwork from Fuzion and Mekton, or original work.  I have not asked yet any other's work to be used.  This of course is making progress a bit slower, as I create illustrated work from Fuzion with my own work instead of what is used in the documents.

      There is no scheduled release or planned time for a release, though there is a hope to try and release it before Mekton Zero is released by Mike Pondsmith for R. Talsorian.  Though, I'm very proud to say that, Mike will take an overview of the manuscript and give approval before actual release.  So there will be no conflict of interest between fan work and an official release.

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