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Man Phoola Phoola Phire Jagat Me Kaisa Nata Re ..

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  • arvinder singh
    Radha Soami ji.. Man Phoola Phoola Phire Jagat Me Kaisa Nata Re Kabir Sahib Man phoola phoola phire jagat me kaisa nata re (x2) The mind remains inflated
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2013
      Radha Soami ji..

      Man Phoola Phoola Phire Jagat Me Kaisa Nata Re

      Kabir Sahib
      Man phoola phoola phire jagat me kaisa
      nata re (x2)
      The mind remains inflated (proud), what relations does it have in this world.
      Le mental s'enfle toujours. Quelles relations a--t-il dans ce monde.
      Mata kahe yeh putar hamara, bahin kahe bir mera (x2)
      Bhai kahe yeh bhuja hamari, nari kahe nar mera
      Mother says, "He is my son", Sister says, "He is my
      Brother says, "He is my arm", Woman (wife) says, "He is my man
      La mêre dit : "C'est mon fils"; la soeur dit : "C'est
      mon frère";
      Le frère dit : "C'est mon bras"; l'épouse dit :
      "c'est mon mari".
      Pet pakar ke mata rove, baah pakar ke bhai (x2)
      Lapat jhapat ke tiriya rove, hans akela jayi.
      The mother weeps holding her stomach, the brother holding his arm. (when one
      The wife weeps clinging to his body but the hansa (soul) goes alone.
      Quand il meurt, la mère pleure en retenant son estomac, le
      frère le tient par le bras;
      la femme pleure et s'accroche à son corps, mais le cygne de l'âme
      s'envole seul.
      Jab lag jive mata rove, bahin rove das masa (x2)
      Terah din tak tiriya rove, pher kare ghar basa
      The mother weeps as long as she is alive, the sister (weeps) for ten months.
      The wife weeps for thirteen days and then dwells in the house (rehabilitates
      La mère pleure pour le reste de ses jours, la soeur pendant dix mois;
      l'épouse pleure treize jours, puis retourne habiter sa demeure.
      Char gaji chargaji mangaya, chada kath ki ghodi (x2)
      Charo kone aag lagaya, phoonk diyo jas hori
      Four yard measure of coffin (cloth) is brought and he rides on the horse made
      of wood.
      He (the funeral pyre) is torched at all the four corners, it is burnt like holi
      (the festival in which the fire is burned).
      On amène quatre mètres de linceul et il chevauche un cheval
      fait de bois;
      Le bûcher funéraire est allumé aux quatre coins, et il
      brûle comme Holi.
      Had jare jas laah kadi ko, kes jare jas ghasa (x2)
      Sona esi kaya jari gayi, koi na aayo pasa
      The bones burn like wood, the hair (burns) like grass.
      The gold like body burned away, no one came near it.
      Les os brûlent comme du bois, les cheveux comme de l'herbe;
      le corps précieux comme de l'or est consumé, et personne ne
      Ghar ki tiriya dhoondhan lagi, dhoond phiri chahun desa (x2)
      Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, chhodo jag ki aasa
      The wife went searching for him, she searched for him in all the four worlds.
      Kabir says, 'listen O Sadho, give up relying on the world'.
      L'épouse s'est mise à sa recherche, elle a cherché dans
      les quatre mondes.
      Kabir dit, 'Écoute, Ô Sadhu, renonce à compter sur ce

      NOTE : In this bhajan, the first two
      verses and the chorus are sung once more after the whole bhajan has been sung.
      Thanks to Raj Kumar Bagga for translating
      this Bhajan into english. Pappu Ji indicates that this bhajan is from Kabir's
      Shabdavali, a book which Beloved Sant Ji used to take the hymns from to comment
      upon them in the satsangs. This Bhajan was often sung in the Bombay programs by
      an Indian dear one.

      Radha Soami Ji

      Arvinder Singh Mehon
      Morinda (Punjab)

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