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Re: [Lightfromsoundoasis] Fwd: Why is there hierarchy? my post from World Goodwill forum

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  • Michael Martin
    ... MM: It s the Netemara School, and I wish you well with your seva. It s understandable, that due to your past lives, as Blavatsky, Cleopatra, etc., you
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      --- netemara888 <netemara888@...> wrote:

      > Interesting somebody over at RSS reads my writing
      > and likes it. The
      > following post appeared on TTT on Feb. 25, and on
      > 2/27 today
      > someone, not mentioning any names, at RSS has picked
      > up on my use of
      > the word "myopic" and run amok with it! LOL They
      > used it well.

      It's the "Netemara School," and I wish you well with
      your seva. It's understandable, that due to your past
      lives, as Blavatsky, Cleopatra, etc., you need to be a
      leader, or teacher. Many can learn from you.

      Blessings, Michael
      > --- In theosophy_talks_truth@yahoogroups.com,
      > "netemara888"
      > <netemara888@...> wrote:
      > Mandy wrote: "Part of the problem is the belief in
      > hierarchial
      > systems, in the inate superiority of one over
      > another..."
      > Mandy I was perusing some of the posts here to see
      > if I had
      > overlooked anything of interest because of my recent
      > absence here
      > and I think that you ask a good question or raise a
      > valid point. I
      > think it is myopic for anyone to believe that
      > hierarchy is
      > about, "the innate superiority of one over another."
      > It's not.
      > DK in fact on the first page of some of the AAB
      > books makes it quite
      > clear that the reason that he is even undertaking
      > the books is
      > because it is karmic. And that he has been on the
      > path longer and
      > made "progress" because of his time spent here on
      > earth suffering
      > and incarnating as we all do. That is the basis of
      > "superiority" if
      > there is such a thing.
      > The idea of the hierarchy was born, as a theological
      > argument, in
      > the middle ages. There is a definite hierarchy and
      > there is nothing
      > you can do to change it whether or not you believe
      > in its necessity
      > or its ideology. It just is. The reason again is
      > simple:
      > experience, over millions of years, and the last
      > 2000 years of
      > incarnations and life of apotheosis determines who
      > is where in the
      > hierarchy.
      > Netemara
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