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Visit my Netlog profile

Hey, I have created a Netlog profile with my pictures, videos, blogs and events and I want to add you as a friend so you can see it. You first need to register
robbie schmelzer
Oct 22, 2010

rss tools round-up

some good stuff here http://www.masternewmedia.org/news/2007/01/14/rss_tools_and_services.htm ... WWWhatsup NYC http://pinstand.com - http://punkcast.com
Jan 25, 2007


-- Respectfully, Robbie Schmelzer The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.
Robbie Schmelzer
Jan 24, 2007

Re: double description appearing on yahoo podcast

Looks like it's Yahoo. ... http://podcasts.yahoo.com/search?p=punkcast&c=e&find=Search ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!?
B.Olav Anderson
Apr 5, 2006

double description appearing on yahoo podcast

All my descriptions are appearing twice over on my yahoo podcast listings. http://podcasts.yahoo.com/search?p=punkcast&c=e&find=Search Didn't used to I don't
Mar 15, 2006

U.S. Government RSS Library

... WWWhatsup NYC http://pinstand.com - http://punkcast.com
Mar 11, 2006

Pirate Weather releases podcasts for evry Zip Code in the US. iTune

Hi folks, We just released our Pirate Weather Podcasts. We have used the spec for iTunes. From what I have been hearing, they dont seem to favored among rss
Jul 7, 2005

PirateWeather.com adds Audio Local Weather via RSS

Not a podcast but Local Weather audio delivered in the RSS feed. check it out at www.pirateweather.com and please comment.
Jun 24, 2005

Robbie Schmelzer launching new company aka PirateWeather.com

Greeting folks, Just a note to let you know I have started a new company, called Pirate Weather. It's basically a weather site providing instant weather for
Robbie Schmelzer
May 28, 2005

List moderation off

I turned moderation off on this list, since off-topic messages haven't been a problem, and while there are a lot of members, list traffic is really low. If a
Dave Winer
Apr 22, 2005

Re: File Name Convention

... Thank you all for comments. Those from other lists also concur that filename branding will not result in any known problems. <%= Clinton Gallagher
Clinton Gallagher
Apr 20, 2005

Re: File Name Convention

... I believe that's how most aggregators work. I have many feeds in FeedDemon that end in a slash, and all feedburner feed URLS are in that format (like
Apr 19, 2005

How to allow subscription but not syndication?

An interesting question From Nikolas Coukouma... http://www.reallysimplesyndication.com/2005/04/19#a445 Dave
Dave Winer
Apr 19, 2005

Re: File Name Convention

... Radio UserLand (http://radio.userland.com/) doesn't have an issue with the extension. It downloads the file and looks for the XML declaration and RSS type
Steve Kirks
Apr 19, 2005

File Name Convention

Will any of the aggregators or any consuming processes have any problem with a filename such as aggregatinghostname.com.feedname.rss? <%= Clinton Gallagher
Clinton Gallagher
Apr 13, 2005
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