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RSS icon a failure? My response to this problem

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  • k44g
    I too have been concerned about the illiteracy regarding the RSS icon. The graphic is cool but it says nothing. For years I ve been publishing RSS feeds, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30 7:30 PM
      I too have been concerned about the 'illiteracy' regarding the RSS icon.
      The graphic is cool but it says nothing. For years I've been publishing
      RSS feeds, and developed an RSS feed publishing system, and find that
      many people just don't get it regarding that icon. There seems to be
      mistrust as to what will happen when one clicks that icon.
      So I made a decision to extend upon the standard in a way that I believe
      will help people understand the icon when used for certain purposes.
      Early feedback has been positive.
      To be clear, I continue to include the the standard icon in code
      snippets for feeds published through Enfeedia <http://www.enfeedia.com/>
      . In fact, I'm rather strict about the link for the icon being the XML
      file, not some webpage that discusses RSS and then offers more icons
      that finally link to the XML file.
      I created a series of icons that are, in a sense, a concatenation of the
      standard icon plus a descriptor extension that explains what that
      particular version of the icon links to. For example, the icon with the
      extension "Alerts" links to a page for registering for email alerts when
      items are posted on the associated feed.
      To see the full set of icons that I now incorporate into Enfeedia, go to
      Behind the Logo <http://www.enfeedia.com/behind-the-logo.php> .
      I am keenly interested in comments to my approach: support and in fact
      reinforcement of the standard, plus a set of extended icons for special
      purposes related to using feeds. Others are welcome to use the extended
      icons and have them link to their proprietary functions consistent with
      the extension word.

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