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Should RSS Readers Count Unread Items?

Brent Simmons, the developer of the NetNewsWire RSS reader, is questioning his decision [1] to put an unread count next to each feed, reasoning that it
Apr 2, 2014

WordPress Uses RSS as a Blog Export Format

If you export your WordPress blog, it is delivered to you as an RSS feed that holds all of the blog's entries, pages and comments. WordPress makes use of five
Mar 11, 2014

Yahoo Groups Killed RSS Feed Support

Yahoo Groups used to offer RSS feeds for each group, a feature we made use of here on RSS-Public and RSS-Board. I found out this feature was dropped last year:
Mar 6, 2014

Re: What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

... http://www.allthingsrss.com/rss2email/ Created by Aaron Swartz, now maintained by Lindsey Smith. -- Cheers, Ralph. https://plus.google.com/+RalphCorderoy
Ralph Corderoy
Mar 6, 2014

Re: What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

I'm using Newsfox. Works very well, integrated in Firefox, has everything I need. I have 90+ feeds, Newsfox has no problems with that.
Ludo rubben
Feb 25, 2014

Re: What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

I didn't think to ask about podcasts. D'oh! I use Apple iTunes for podcasts.
Feb 25, 2014

Re: What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

I use TT-RSS for my written consumption and DoggCatcher for my audio feed consumption.
Jon Spriggs
Feb 25, 2014

Re: What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

Hi Rogers, ... still Liferea after all these years. Regards, -- Aristotle Pagaltzis //
Aristotle Pagaltzis
Feb 25, 2014

Re: What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

feedly http://feedly.com/ ... -- ... Joly MacFie 218 565 9365 Skype:punkcast WWWhatsup NYC - http://wwwhatsup.com http://pinstand.com - http://punkcast.com
Joly MacFie
Feb 25, 2014

Re: What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

the only place i am currently using a feed is to project my products to Google shopping. I would prefer to be able to project it to other shopping aggregates,
Seth Russell
Feb 25, 2014

Re: What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

I'm using Feedly. For a while after Google Reader closed (sigh), I wasn't reading feeds at all.
Feb 25, 2014

What Do You Use to Read RSS Feeds?

The feed readers used to produce the RSS Best Practices Profile were Bloglines, BottomFeeder 4.4, Feed Demon 2.5 (, Google Reader, Microsoft Internet
Feb 25, 2014

Re: RSS to compete with social networks

seems to me that you could have just one feed and avoid the separate secret transactions ... which wold be very cumbersome ... by just encrypting those items
Seth Russell
Feb 10, 2014

RSS to compete with social networks

What we are missing in RSS is the ability to send content privately. For instance if I want to mark a blog entry to only be viewable to certain people I really
Feb 10, 2014

Re: Please enter feedburner URL in valid format

... Well, the message sounds like that directory is expecting links as Feedburner (http://feedburner.google.com/) URLs only. Feedburner refuses to burn this
Klaus Johannes Rusch
Apr 25, 2013
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