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RE: [rss-media] Embedding rss-media in HTML/XHTML?

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  • Bob Wyman
    ... It s probably obvious to you that what I was suggesting was the kind of thing we re doing with Structured Blogging (see:
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 17, 2005

      Danny Ayers wrote:

      > I wonder if following an approach like GRDDL [1] might be useful.

            It’s probably obvious to you that what I was suggesting was the kind of thing we’re doing with Structured Blogging (see: http://structuredblogging.com). As you know, we very much support the use of GRDDL in Structured Blogging entries.


      > My own feeling tends towards putting all metadata at the feed

      > level (like rss-media or RSS 1.0) rather than embedding it in content.
            The question for me is whether rss-media is like the other metadata that we have for an entry or item. I see it more as content. Yes, I realize that debating the two sides of this could get very philosophical. But, I think most uses of rss-media will be in posts that talk *about* the media. Thus, it’s almost like the post itself is the metadata.


            I’d like to see an environment in which we can embed rss-media either in blog posts or on regular web pages. RSS-media should be available in HTML or XHTML pages as well as RSS or Atom feeds. Hopefully, the representation would be the same in all of these formats. The only way to accomplish that would be for the rss-media to be embedded in the content part of the post rather then shunted off to some feed-specific element as in the current spec.

            If rss-media could be embedded anywhere, then search engines like Yahoo!, Google, MSN, etc. would be able to harvest RSS-media from just about any resource on the web – not just blog feeds. It would also mean that people who use non-blog “personal web sites” or people who use one of the blogging systems that doesn’t support feeds would be able to participate in podcasting and the other things that rss-media supports. Additionally, we wouldn’t have to wait for aggregators to explicitly support RSS-media since we could build generic add-ons to browsers to handle the RSS-media Structured Blogging elements. (That’s easy with Firefox, not quite as easy but still reasonable with IE.)

            Ideally, we’d extend the existing demonstration Structured Blogging “review” type to include “media-review” as well. This means that we’d be able to post a review of some media just about anywhere on the web and still be sure that the search engines would find that review and could build comprehensive indexed review collections – with links to the actual data being reviewed. Frankly, I think Structured Blogging and the embedding of rss-media in Structured Blogging elements in the content part of posts would give us a much more flexible and interesting mechanism for exchanging media and reviews of media… And, given that it is trivial to associate a GRDDL transformation with a structured blogging entry, the RDF folk should be happy with it.

            What do you think?


                  bob wyman

      [1] http://www.w3.org/2004/01/rdxh/spec

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