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Re: [rss-media] Re: How we handle duplicate dl, uniqueness, and pointer to single entity?

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  • Bill Kearney
    ... Define serious issues ... Heaven forbid it s made too easy for folks interested in consuming the content. I m reminded of similar claims made about
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 20, 2005
      > First, I have serious issues with putting file hash marks in feeds.

      Define "serious issues"

      > It's a scary though that someone would be able to track files so
      > easily,

      Heaven forbid it's made "too easy" for folks interested in consuming the
      content. I'm reminded of similar claims made about XML newsfeeds making it
      "too easy" for people to find good content.

      > Re-bloggers and people
      > referencing this content could easily be tracked and identified to
      > allow more seamless interaction and conversation. Something like
      > technoratti.com could then more effectively thread discussions that
      > happen in a widespread manner on blogs all over the world. Always
      > making sure no matter how many times a file is podcast that each user
      > only gets one copy.

      There are conflicting and overlapping goals. On one level it's nice to
      avoid wasting bandwidth. On another some folks would find it either
      delightful or horrifying to be able to more closely track actual
      consumption. Everyone wants to know if "their" content is being used but
      many are unwilling to let their consumption be "tracked".

      ? Intermediaries are VERY important to making sense
      > out of all the content.

      No, they're valuable but they're not important. At least not important
      'enough' to justify treating them any differently than anything else.

      > This is happening already to some degree

      This has ALWAYS been happening. It's a human nature thing.

      > BTW, File hash tracking is the number one tool groups are using to
      > track and combat p2p of course. Being able to see who's "stealing" from
      > who. Tracking all those "thieves".

      Again, what's your point? The balance between managing resource utilization
      and 'notions' of personal privacy is always a tricky one. Some folks "don't
      care" while others are overly paranoid. This is, again, a basic human
      nature issue.

      -Bill Kearney
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