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Proposition for a 1.6 spec of mediaRSS (focus on "category")

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  • Colin Moorcraft
    I support all of these points and welcome this thread. My first, quick response, focuses on the proposal to add a category attribute to keyword . I think
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2010
      I support all of these points and welcome this thread.

      My first, quick response, focuses on the proposal to add a "category" attribute to "keyword". I think that it is important to differentiate between classification terms that lie outside formal taxonomies ("keywords" such as those found in tag clouds and other folksonomies), and those that lie within formal taxonomies. It would, therefore, be more appropriate to make "category" a distinct media property at the same level as "keyword" - i.e. an element. 

      It would be useful if the content model for this element allowed:

      • simple "just-put-the-text-on-the-screen" representation (e.g.: film/thriller")
      • and/or a formal declaration that enables automated processing (e.g. a language-independent ID for a classification term might be used to retrieve a term name in a target language from a multilingual thesaurus; "smart"  searching would also be facilitated ...)

      The formal model may need to express at least three properties:

      • the identity of the taxonomic standard being used (it is important not to be restricted to any one taxonomic universe, or to engage in the thankless task of inventing yet another taxonomic standard specific to RSS media)
      • the identity (and/or its on-line location) of the dictionary/thesaurus/classification scheme being used
      • the identity (and/or its on-line location) of the term being used

      [Side-track: A lot of useful work has been done by Jean-Pierre Evain of the EBU and others on mapping between taxonomies for audiovisual media. At some point in the future, content announcement and discovery would be greatly facilitated by placing mapping data on-line in a standardised form suited to automated processing - there is very limited interoperability between taxonomic worlds at present. The "category" model should be extensible to allow for possible future inclusion of pointers to mapping information.]

      All the best with the Pharos project - I hope that project will continue to provide useful input to standardisation processes. 

      Media RSS certainly has plenty of scope for improvement ;-)

      - Colin Moorcraft

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