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Re: RFC: adding a GUID element to media:content

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  • ruudvdl
    ... Hi, Sorry for the slow response... 1. I might have been unclear about this. We don t need more than one media:content. The current structure (media:group
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 10, 2010
      --- In rss-media@yahoogroups.com, "Rogers" <cadenhead@...> wrote:
      > --- In rss-media@yahoogroups.com, "ruudvdl" <ruudvdl@> wrote:
      > > We feel the need to add a GUID attribute to media:content, to define the uniqueness of a media file. The ability to set a GUID would make it easier to use MRSS as syndication method for web applications. The rest of the specification is already perfect for this end.
      > A couple of questions so I can understand your idea better:
      > 1. Why do you need more than one media:content object per item?
      > 2. Isn't the URL attribute of each media:content object already unique?


      Sorry for the slow response...

      1. I might have been unclear about this. We don't need more than one media:content. The current structure (media:group and media:content) is perfect!

      We just need a way to define a GUID for a video-file. The reason for this is that our system supports multiple ways of linking to a video. For example there can be both a progressive downloading link and a 'real streaming' link to (for example) a flash media server.

      The GUID is needed to let the customer format the URL to the material himself.

      The MRSS standard perfectly supports everything that is needed to use it as a syndication method for a Media-CMS, except for this one little thing.

      Example number six on the MRSS-site perfectly demonstrates the problem:
      Check out example 6: it contains a sample <media:embed> code, containing this: "id=12345&vid=678912i" ... MRSS supports no way to store these ID's anywhere else in media:content, and exactly that is what I am looking for: an attribute "guid" for media:content!

      For example:
      (...) />

      We would like to see this addition to MRSS so that we can use this as an open standard for our media CMS (undoubtedly others will follow). This is really vital to provide flexibility to our users.

      I hope my reasons are clear enough and that you will consider this small addition. Of course GUID should be an optional addition.

      Thanks for considering,
      Yours sincerely,
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