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Re: Proposal RSSFAQ Group

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  • Alis Marsden
    Hi All, OK, I ve had one go for it [1] and one not yet [2], so I m still here for the time being! I ll just be posting to syndication after this mail, I
    Message 1 of 4 , May 30, 2001
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      Hi All,

      OK, I've had one "go for it" [1] and one "not yet" [2], so I'm still here
      for the time being!
      I'll just be posting to syndication after this mail, I figure most people
      are on that list.

      Here are my basic ideas as to what RSSFAQ could do:

      * Produce RSS FAQ & Other Documents

      I think most of us agree that we need RSS FAQ.
      e.g. RSS FAQ for Content Providers, RSS FAQ for Content Management System
      Vendors, RSS Versions FAQ, RSS FAQ for Content Subscribers, ASP RSS FAQ...
      Writing these well and keeping them updated requires team work and
      discussion. I know people have said before that they are able to help with
      this type of work I think it would be helpful to organise these people in
      one place.

      * Distribute RSS FAQ & Other Documents

      That small effort RSS FAQ [3] I did two weeks ago has resulted in interest
      from other websites without any effort on my part. I have had mails from
      several websites asking can they reprint it in their newsletters or on their
      websites. So far I have been saying, "can I get back to you", because I
      don't want something reprinted unless it is finished. I do however think
      that, once we have documents we are all happy with, it makes absolute sense
      to let people reprint them. Submitting articles to article directories or
      writing to relevant websites and inviting them to reprint an article may be
      mundane admin but it could be very helpful to RSS. This type of
      distribution work is easy enough that anyone can do it, so lets get people
      doing it. I believe that most people like to be helpful and there are lots
      of people that care about RSS but are not going to be a technical
      contributor so lets utilize those people. Again I tend to think a
      non-technical list would be a better place to organise this.

      * Writing RSS Press Releases and News and Media Relations

      To keep up with RSS one currently needs to subscribe to three often busy
      lists. For people without a strong tech background, 20 mails about a
      subject like <errorReportsTo> and <rssProviderAgent>, is a bit heavy. I
      don't think I'm the only person who would like keeping up with RSS to be a
      little easier. I think it would be good if this type of discussion could go
      on and if a conclusion is reached, one person could post the details to
      RSSFAQ. RSSFAQ could write something up in plain English and publish it.
      Voila, we have a simple news service.

      Journalists are interested in RSS.
      e.g. Again without any effort on my part I've been contacted by two
      journalists about the FAQ I wrote two weeks ago. Last week it was written
      about in the print version of the Irish Examiner and today I was asked to do
      an interview on RSS for another Irish national newspaper.
      I think it would be good if we could maintain a list of contacts for the
      media, i.e. if you are a regional paper like the Irish Examiner and would
      like to speak with a Dublin based company you can contact Alis Marsden or if
      you are interested in RSS 0.93 Dave Winer would be the best person to speak
      to. RSSFAQ could be a friendly non-technical place where basic questions
      could be answered and journalists could be pointed in the right direction
      for further information.

      * Commercial Discussion

      I'm not suggesting that anyone use RSSFAQ to promote their own personal
      corporate goals because that would make in a pretty corrupt place. However
      most of us can't afford to have no corporate interests in life and there are
      lots of people here who have a commercial interest in RSS.
      e.g. I believe Jeff Barr's Headline Viewer will be a commercial product and
      I'm guessing that James Shaw's ASPRSS.com will be ad supported.
      I'm not sure how it would work, but I think we need to discuss how we can
      work in partnership with businesses to promote RSS.

      I realise this mail is already long so I'm not going to go on but to
      summarise I think we need to get a RSSFAQ.com website going and I think we
      need a place for non-technical discussions. Apart from anything else I
      think it is fair to say that people who are good at marketing, writing, PR,
      admin, translating and so forth are not always technical wizards and it
      would be nice to have a place to organise those types of jobs.

      Alis Marsden

      (2.50 am Dublin, Ireland)

      [1] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rss-dev/message/1983
      [2] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/syndication/message/1688
      [3] http://www.purplepages.ie/RSS/index.html
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