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Revisting NNTP?

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  • Bill Kearney
    Hi all, I ve been going over NNTP again. Maybe I m just stuck in a mental rut or something but tell me again why we re not using news for these feeds? As the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2001
      Hi all,

      I've been going over NNTP again. Maybe I'm just stuck in a mental
      rut or something but tell me again why we're not using news for these

      As the number of feeds increases so do the articles. It's not long
      before there's a rapid overload of too much news... This has been
      handled quite well in the past by using either a web interface or a
      NNTP server. The hassle with a web interface is that I can't
      (usually) do client-like things from it. I can't, for example,
      easily mail something from a web page. The cutting/pasting is such a
      nightmare. I also can't forward that page AND it's contents into a
      useful local repository of data. This so I can review it at a later

      What about this idea, we create one newsgroup for each feed. Then
      push each of it's items into a single message. Have the message
      contain whatever human readable info was present in the item AND
      attach some nuggets of XML to it.

      No, this wouldn't work given the current UseNet 'push it all around'
      structure because we'd be creating new groups left and right.
      However, if the feeds were concentrated at some known sources it
      might be OK. We're not talking the gobs of crap that's already going
      round in usenet; just news headlines and some limited bits of XML.

      I'm just really irritated with not being able to use some really
      powerful UI features when it comes to reading newsfeeds. I'm ok
      being yanked over to the actual website when I want to read the
      article. But I'm sick of wading through and endless morass of really
      hideous (and everchanging) user interfaces.

      So, anyone want to comment?

      Bill Kearney
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