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7449Problems integrating Magpie with vBulletin

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  • berninhell
    Jul 30, 2008
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      I tried integrating Magpie to display a member's latest blog post next
      to their names in a vBulletin forum and it worked for the most part.
      However, there appears to be some conflict with MagPie breaking
      vBulletin's AJAX code.

      See this thread: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=156372

      Post #21 says:

      "From what I can see, the Quick Reply function and edit functions using
      AJAX still work, but they don't clean up the page they way they should
      when you click the submit/ok buttons. Looks like the problem lies in
      the Magpie fetch_rss function. It's beyond my coding skills to
      diagnose/fix this problem."

      Any ideas?