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7422Re: [RSS-DEV] Re: Renaming RSS 1.0 as RSS-RDF

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  • Cecelia Hickel
    Mar 25, 2007
      To be a little clearer, and certainly not insulting, some years back several modules were being discussed and proposed, some from within your own group. The work this group has accomplished since that time apparently took the focus from modules and development/approving them to Atom. There are only so many hours in a day...however, the modules which can be beneficial( and would have perhaps proven timely for adoption) are needing an approval by this group to cultivate wider gain and acceptance for RDF and Web 2.0.

      It goes without saying how important this is. So whether I achieve something more useful to the greater RDF deployments or not, at this date and time there is no active practice of submitting a module to this group for review and gaining approval. There is no recent evidence of such work in progress.

      Does this keep me from writing something useful for myself? Not really. But would it not be better if developers had a voice with this commitee for their needs and then that in itself was beneficial for RDF and Atom cultivations?

      I have been hoping for several years to see RSS 1.0 plus modules become a focus for extending semantic web interoperations and simplifying web services. Now we have SOA developments in full swing and what are the planned developments for RSS 1.0 for SOAs?

      Could the RSS-DEV group at least state a position on their intentions for approving proposed modules? Or perhaps shed some light on planned or considered future work for RSS 1.0? Is the work better split off in two groups?(of course all work under the same roof).

      Jon Hanna <jon@...> wrote: Cecelia Hickel wrote:
      > I would interested to know, will my hard work pay off for others if
      > I write a good module for instance.

      Frankly, and while I have every psychological motivation to believe
      otherwise, I would be pessimistic in this regard.

      However. Would your module be useful in either other RDF efforts or ATOM
      as well?

      Would it be useful for you at least?

      I'm pretty pessimistic about things, but I certainly don't want to
      dissuade a fellow hacker from doing good work.

      Cecelia Hickel

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