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7118Re: [RSS-DEV] Re: enclosure status?

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  • Lucas Gonze
    Apr 8 5:00 PM
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      On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Dan Brickley wrote:
      > but one quick point (all else looks good...): perhaps enc:url= could
      > be replaced with use of the rdf:resource= notation, which will
      > tell generic RDF tools that a URI is being used.
      > Using enc:url is OK, but will make certain RDF queries harder
      > to express, since the RDF layer wouldn't realise that the thing that
      > is the value of the enc:enclosure property is the thing with the
      > cc:permits and foaf:maker property, so more application-level smarts
      > would be required.

      Taking advantage of RSS 1.0's RDF-nature is a Good Thing, so I am for

      - Lucas
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