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4051Re: [RSS-DEV] Why is RSS 2.0 Bad? (Not a Rhetorical Question)

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  • Ben Hammersley
    Sep 25, 2002
      On Thursday, Sep 26, 2002, at 05:51 Europe/London, Phil Ringnalda wrote:

      > Ben Hammersley wrote:
      >> On Thursday, Sep 26, 2002, at 00:27 Europe/London, Ben Hammersley
      >> wrote:
      >>> . My dad loves RSS, he just
      >>> wouldn't recognise it over HTML if he viewed source. The simplicity
      >>> of
      >>> the spec, for him, is meaningless.
      >> <much snippage/>
      > <more snippage/>
      <even more snippage/ >

      > The first RSS feed I created was done essentially by hand (in PHP, but
      > the
      > code might as well have been typed on a manual typewriter),
      > A few months later when I wrote a script to scrape my
      > Blogger-produced blogs,
      > I hope I've removed most of the errors and security leaks
      > from, a 2.0 template that I based roughly on the default 0.91
      > template, and
      > some comment and individual archive templates that I did myself from
      > scratch
      > and copying other people's.
      > I am not a developer. I am not a professional. I am an interested
      > amateur
      > publisher. I am your audience.
      > Phil Ringnalda

      No, Phil, you *are* a developer. (Sorry to break this to you. :-)
      You're on this list. You're writing scripts to scrape Blogger. You
      contribute to specifications. You're correcting errors in the MT
      template. You're as professional as they come when it comes to this.
      Everyone here is.

      What I'm trying to address is the fundamental difference between RSS
      and HTML - which is that no one other than the member of this list, and
      the sort of people who write their own CMSs need ever look at it. It's
      just not something the average guy would ever have reason to create by
      hand (and not one single person reading this post can claim to be an
      average guy.)

      Because of this, I'm just saying that to be forever looking to simplify
      the spec to a point where your average consumer can view source and
      learn the spec is pointless and indeed harmful if done at the expense
      of other stuff. Because on the internet, since HTML, the average
      consumer has become a whole load more average.
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