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4042Re: [RSS-DEV] Why is RSS 2.0 Bad? (Not a Rhetorical Question)

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  • Morbus Iff
    Sep 25 4:33 PM
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      >That's my point. I can't see why not either - but we can't just assume
      >that that's the right approach, and the spec gives us no clues, nor any
      >way of making a decision on such a thing. Or even raising the point. I
      >would have liked the 2.0 spec to have been closed when, and only when,
      >these things were totally worked out and documented.

      Ok. Well, if you want, I can take the 1.0 Module Building doc, turn it into
      a 2.0 Module Building doc, and then that "2.0 roadblock" will be removed.

      >them all the time. To take only those who talk about the specs at all,
      >is to take a very self-selecting group. My dad loves RSS, he just
      >wouldn't recognise it over HTML if he viewed source. The simplicity of
      >the spec, for him, is meaningless.

      Where do you stand on the namespace/core issue? If the RSS source and spec
      is meaningless to an end-user, it sounds like people are implying that
      making it more meaningless (by requiring knowledge of namespaces) isn't a

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