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4041Re: [RSS-DEV] Why is RSS 2.0 Bad? (Not a Rhetorical Question)

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  • Ben Hammersley
    Sep 25, 2002
      On Thursday, Sep 26, 2002, at 00:13 Europe/London, Morbus Iff wrote:

      >>>> major concern is also with the namespaces. There appears to be no
      >>>> indication as to how modules should work. With RSS 1.0 there is,
      >>>> more
      >>>> or less (whoa there), a 'grammar' of sorts that tell us how to
      >>>> relate
      >>> "how modules should work", to whom? The end-users, or the developers?
      >> The developers. I'm increasingly of the mind that the end-users, such
      > Could you be more specific? Why not just
      > replace "1.0" with "2.0" in this document:

      That's my point. I can't see why not either - but we can't just assume
      that that's the right approach, and the spec gives us no clues, nor any
      way of making a decision on such a thing. Or even raising the point. I
      would have liked the 2.0 spec to have been closed when, and only when,
      these things were totally worked out and documented.

      As for the (now lost through careless snipping) point about why do
      people go on about 0.9x's simplicity v 1.0, that's because the only
      people who go on about it at all are those who read the specifications
      and are interested in the raw thing. To most users RSS is the little
      orange button to press to get the cool headline thing working that nice
      Mr Iff's program. Most users have never seen an RSS feed. They just use
      them all the time. To take only those who talk about the specs at all,
      is to take a very self-selecting group. My dad loves RSS, he just
      wouldn't recognise it over HTML if he viewed source. The simplicity of
      the spec, for him, is meaningless.
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