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  • Morbus Iff
    Sep 16, 2002
      >That aside, I do agree that the protocol/scheme thing is an issue that needs
      >addressing, at least from a best practices point of view. Personally I'd go
      >for a variant on the 'any' option, - follow the advice of "Architectural
      >Principles of the World Wide Web" [1], and only allow IANA [2] registered
      >schemes. Of the schemes you mention the only one missing from this list is
      >'javascript://'. The advantage is that they're all backed by established
      >[2] http://www.iana.org/assignments/uri-schemes

      I'll agree with the above too - if I knew where to search for that
      document, I would have used that instead. I'd want to see the RSS 2.0 docs
      appended like:

      RSS places restrictions on the first non-whitespace characters of the
      data in <link> and <url> elements. The data in these elements must be
      an [IANA registered scheme], such as http://, https://, ftp://, mailto:,
      news://, etc. (for a full list, check the [IANA website]).

      The [] links would be the URL above.

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