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2Questions and Thoughts

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  • Aaron Swartz
    Aug 14, 2000
      A few questions:

      How was the spec developed? Was it done through email discussion between the
      authors? If so, why did you choose this route, instead of a more public
      method? Would you be open to making the archives of this discussion
      available, so we could see the reasons behind some of the decisions?

      How "final" is the spec? Is it stable enough to begin publishing/aggregating
      in? Do you still expect discussion on it? Will discussion be able to impact
      the final version of the 1.0 spec or will it go into a future version?

      Do you plan to update http://weblogs.oreillynet.com/rss/ which is where
      http://purl.org/rss/ points to?

      Sorry, just sort of taken off guard by the sudden appearance of the spec?

      A few thoughts:

      I think the image element should also be deprecated and perhaps replaced by
      a module that allows per-item images (like Slashdot's "icons").

      Proposed addition to the syndication module: the publish-date of the

      Possible additions (to fit in somewhere): an author metadata (pointing to an
      email address or a website for the author of the item) and persistent IDs
      for items (so that corrections to an RSS file don't cause aggregators to
      interpret it as a new item, thus duplicating the item).

      Also, if I were to publish comments on articles in RSS, how would I say that
      the comment refers to a specific article. Is this another module? I have a
      feeling this might be supported in RDF, but I'm not sure how.

      In conclusion, thanks to all the authors for their hard work and coming out
      with a really nice spec. I'm glad to see progress in the RSS format and even
      happier to see that RDF is back!

      Thanks for all your hard work,

      Aaron Swartz |"This information is top security.
      <http://swartzfam.com/aaron/>| When you have read it, destroy yourself."
      <http://www.theinfo.org/> | - Marshall McLuhan
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