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1830Ximian Red Carpet uses an RSS 1.0 nearly-like

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  • Edd Dumbill
    Mar 24, 2001
      (cross posted to RSS-DEV, and Ximian Red Carpet mailing list)

      For those on RSS-DEV who don't know, Red Carpet is a new GNOME based
      package installer. For those on Red Carpet list who don't know, RSS 1.0
      is an XML/RDF application and community-led specification for
      representing "headline channels" like the News section in Red Carpet.

      While tinkering, I found Red Carpet made use of this file:


      This is very similar to RSS 1.0 <http://purl.org/rss/> but isn't quite.

      It would make some kind of sense for folks in each project to get to
      know each other--RSS 1.0 could benefit Red Carpet, and also Red Carpet
      could provide some valuable use-case input to RSS 1.0.


      -- Edd

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      | Managing Editor, XML.com <http://xml.com>
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