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1826[RSS-DEV] Re: Blogify && Peerkat

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  • Dan Lyke
    Mar 23, 2001
      Aaron Swartz writes:
      > > <span class="rss:item" title="time/date">[...]
      > I may consider doing this, but it's certainly not very extensible. What if I
      > want to add other attributes.

      <span class="rss:item rss:item:date:1998-02-01%2000:00:00-08"> is
      legal, and if your class detector is conforming shouldn't mess up
      anything, as "Any number of elements may be assigned the same class
      name or names. Multiple class names must be separated by white space
      characters." Use of standard escapes on ISO8601 times means that
      you've probably already got the parsers written to handle that bit.

      I need to go back through the DTD to see, but I think <span> elements
      are nestable, which means I can use this method for all the semantic
      markup of people and times and such that I want to do.

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