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1810Re: Blogify && Peerkat

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  • Aaron Swartz
    Mar 22, 2001
      Seth Russell <seth@...> wrote:

      >>> <span class="rss:item" datetime="2001.03.22.T20.30.22" /> or whatever
      >>> datetime format that is appropriate. Can't we just add whatever
      >>> attributes we want in a XHTML tag?
      >> No. You must follow the spec.
      > Why? and What spec?

      Because the W3C says so in the HTML spec.

      > Last time I looked the X in XML stood for extensible.
      > Now I suppose some DTD that is designed to validate the XML might complain,
      > but so what .. just update the DTD. I mean just how does XHTML get
      > extended? Does it take some blessing from a high priest?

      Unfortunately yes. That or you wade through XHTML-m12n (a major mistaken,
      IMO). Either way, you'll need to use a namespace for it (which means I need
      to add a namespace parser to my software, which is more complication than I
      need right now).

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