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1809Re: [RSS-DEV] Re: Blogify && Peerkat

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  • Seth Russell
    Mar 22, 2001
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      From: "Morbus Iff" <morbus@...>
      > > Point is: where will it hurt??
      > Well, let's see. Extended XHTML is a choice of the w3c. It will hurt:
      > - parsers/syntax checkers that assume the XHTML DTD is god.
      > - you think "time", me think "date", he think "seconds".
      > no communal decision. in essence, <blink> and <marquee> all
      > over again.

      I doubt that any parser will complain at all; they should have been designed
      to ignore attributes that they don't understand. Syntax checkers will
      complain, but so what.

      Restate question: Is this exclusively a political issue, or is there some
      technical reason that it will not work ?

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