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Re: [rss-board] Should This Be a Profile?

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  • James Holderness
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 29, 2006

      > Since we're putting this back on the floor, I think we should consider
      > recasting the autodiscovery specification as an autodiscovery profile,
      > a set of best-practice recommendations for implementing autodiscovery.
      > The following sentences would be added to the Introduction:
      > "This profile is a set of recommendations for how to implement feed
      > autodiscovery in web documents to work in web browsers and other
      > client software that supports the technique.
      > "The definitions of HTML and XHTML elements in this profile are
      > provided for convenience and must not be treated as definitive. Refer
      > to the HTML and XHTML specifications for authorititive guidance on
      > those formats."
      > Another sentence would be added to the Conventions section:
      > "This profile relies primarily on tests conducted with Microsoft
      > Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9."
      > If additional browsers and clients are added to the test group, they'd
      > be mentioned here as well.
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