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International Seminar and Exhibition, October 2, 2001

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  • hartanto
    Rekan milis Yth salam berikut ada pengumuman mengenai Interntional Seminar and Exhibition, yang akan diselenggarakan pada tanggal 2 Oktober 2001, di Bogor.
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      Rekan milis Yth


      berikut ada pengumuman mengenai Interntional Seminar
      and Exhibition, yang akan diselenggarakan pada tanggal
      2 Oktober 2001, di Bogor. selain seminar juga akan
      diadakan pameran.

      keterangan lengkap ada di:



      Bogor, Indonesia, 2 October 2001

      The Organizer
      The International Seminar on Information Technology
      for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources is
      jointly organized by SEAMEO-BIOTROP, the Indonesian
      Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology
      (BPPT), and the Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing

      The Subject

      Sustainable management of natural resources remains a
      challenge as the world's population increases and
      globalization is beginning to materialize. The
      competition between the increase in resources'
      utilization rate and their natural recovery cycles are
      now coupled with the competition between those who
      hold resource information prospects (the global
      "trader") and those who physically hold the resources
      (the local holders).

      The advancement of information technology (IT) has
      actually reached a point where sufficient support for
      natural resource decision is now available for all
      levels of management. The question is how those
      decision tools in the form of concepts, methods,
      systems, and applications can be accessible to the
      different segments of users.

      This International Seminar, jointly organized by
      BIOTROP, BPPT, and ISRS attempts to provide venues
      where scientist and system developers, service
      providers and users, as well as the professionals and
      the decision makers can meet to exchange views,
      experiences, requirements, and solutions. Speakers and
      participants are invited from countries and regions
      representing the scientific communities, IT
      industries, governments, non-governments, and private

      The Interests

      To provide a focus for a number of core-interests
      within the general subject of Information Technology
      for Natural Resource Management (IT for NRM), the
      organizer has designed a seminar program which will
      address three primary themes.

      These themes are :

      Primary Data Acquisition and Mapping Technology
      Dynamic Modeling Technology, and
      Decision Support Application
      Although the core-interests are only categorized into
      three themes, specific topics and issues such as new
      methods and algorithms, the state-of-technology, as
      well as training, education and outreach can be
      addressed within each theme. The sessions will be run
      parallel with a possibility of extending the program
      into a second half-day if necessary.

      The Venue

      The International Seminar on Information Technology
      for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
      will be held at SEAMEO-BIOTROP Campus in Bogor, West
      Java, Indonesia. The beautiful research campus of
      BIOTROP will not only provides participants with the
      sense of progress, but it will also provide productive
      and relaxing environment for fruitful knowledge

      The date of the Seminar will be: Tuesday, October 2,

      Programs include:

      Parallel Sessions at BIOTROP New Auditorium
      Exhibition at BIOTROP New Auditorium Main Hall
      Technical Tour to BIOTROP Laboratories
      Scenic Tour to National Parks and Botanical Gardens in
      the vicinity of Bogor to be organized on demand
      The city of Bogor is located just 60 kilometers South
      of the Capital City of Jakarta. The town is surrounded
      by mountains and is famous for its world known
      Botanical Garden. Various other natural attractions
      such as national parks, tea plantation, and mountain
      peaks are within day trips.

      Abstract Submission and Registration

      Post seminar proceedings will be published for this
      Seminar. Presenters are only required to submit
      abstracts. The abstracts should outline the topic to
      be presented in a straightforward and concise manner
      for no more than 300 words. Submitted of abstracts
      should be done electronically by sending MS-Word files
      to e-mail address: itnrm@yahoogroups.com.

      Presenters submitting abstracts need no further
      registration. Other participants are required to
      register on-line via: Registration Form.

      Logistic Information

      SEAMEO-BIOTROP owns and operates guest-houses with
      limited number of rooms which can be rented on single
      or double occupancy basis. Reservation to stay on the
      guest-houses are on the first-come-fist-serve basis.
      Participants wishing to stay in the guest-house are
      required to tick the appropriate box on the
      registration form. A number of three-stars hotels and
      one four-star hotel are available in the City of
      Bogor. Participants requiring assistance in making
      hotel reservation should tick the appropriate box for
      the hotel of their choice in the registration form.

      International participants arriving through the
      Soekarno-Hatta International Airport of Jakarta should
      take the DAMRI Airport bus, or take a taxi to go to
      Bogor. DAMRI buses marked BOGOR leave every hour and
      will pass through the arrival terminal at the ground
      level of the Airport. Bus fare is 20,000 Rupiahs
      (around US$ 2.5 at the current rate). Participants
      arriving in Bogor on Airport buses should tick the
      bus-pickup box on the registration form. A minivan
      marked SEAMO-BIOTROP will then pick-up at the Bus stop
      in Bogor.

      Taxi may cost up to 150,000 Rupiahs (around US$18 at
      the current rate) for the entire 70 km journey to
      Bogor. Toll fees for the Taxi are extra, totaling to
      the amount of 11,000 Rupiahs for the journey from the
      Airport to Bogor.

      Participants taking Taxis from Jakarta to BIOTROP
      Campus should print and give the map to the taxi
      driver to go to the right direction within Bogor city

      Secretariat and Address for Communication
      Jl. Raya Tajur, Km.6, Bogor 16720, INDONESIA
      Phone : +62-251- 381416/356077 (Rini), 384380 (Rima),
      Fax : 371656/381416
      E-mail : itnrm@yahoogroups.com

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