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[RRE]European Internet Seminars

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  • Phil Agre
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      Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 21:58:37 +0200
      From: Monique van Dusseldorp <monique@...>

      Dear Colleague,

      please find below a small notice about the conference results
      of the seminar 'TV meets the Web', as well as a press release
      about the European Internet Seminars.

      The latter is a not-for-profit summerschool on European
      internet policy issues, especially for young researchers,
      strategists and policy makers as well as graduate students.
      The results will be published in the form of a handbook,
      that can be used in European new media faculties.

      We still have some participant places available. Please feel
      free to forward this message to any potential candidates!
      Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. If we
      included you in this mailing by mistake, please do let us
      know. Our apologies for the inconvencience -

      Kind regards
      Monique van Dusseldorp

      [please feel free to forward the messages below to any interested

      - TV meets the Web, 21-22 May.
      A small report on the seminar Television meets the Web,
      as well as links to the speakers' presenation are now available
      from http://www.vandusseldorp.com/tvmw.htm
      You will also find a link to the reports made by a team of
      journalism students, including small video clips with speakers'
      comments. Full proceedings will be published later this summer.

      - European Internet Seminars: 'Policy Challenges in the
      Internet Age' Amsterdam Summer University, 28-30 July 1999

      European summerschool brings together range of international
      experts - Esther Dyson, Kim Veltman, Philip Weinberg, Julf Helsingius,
      Anna Fielder and many others...

      1. Introduction
      The European Internet Seminars will take place from 28-30 July within
      the framework of the Amsterdam Summer University. These seminars focus
      on the development of internet-related policy
      in Europe. The European Internet Seminars are aimed at young
      researchers, policy makers, media professionals and journalists
      from all over the world. The maximum number of participants is 35. The
      registration fee is 750 NLG , which includes study material, lunches and
      the excursion to Media Plaza. There are still some open places. Press
      accreditation and interviews can be arranged on request.

      2. Topics to be discussed
      The European Internet Seminars will study in depth how new
      internet-related policies in Europe are being created. In many cases,
      governments and industry will have to work together to achieve the best
      results, and form public-private partnerships. In other cases, the
      authorities opt for deregulation or industrial self-regulation. The
      European Internet Seminars will discuss whether governments react
      adequately to societal and industrial demands. What kind of conflicts
      arise? Is the international character of the network economy
      sufficiently reflected in co-operative fora? Which major flaws can be
      detected in European policy development? And where are successes to be

      3. Background
      The European Internet Seminars are organised by the European Internet
      Seminars Association, an initiative of the Dutch branch of the Internet
      Society (ISOC) and Van Dusseldorp & Partners, in co-operation with the
      Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy of the University of
      Oxford (UK), the Department of Screen Media of the University of Siegen
      in Germany, the Institute for Telecommunication and Media Law from the
      University of M´┐Żnster and the International Centre for Social Studies
      from the University of Edinburgh. The European Internet seminars are
      supported by the European Cultural Foundation, various branches of the
      Soros Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some
      bursaries are available for participants from Central and Eastern
      Europe, as well as the Mediterranean region.

      4. Handbook
      The results of the seminars will be published in a book, which will be
      available from the European Internet Seminars Association from October
      onwards. This handbook will be excellent reading material for students
      in new media faculties across Europe, and will provide them with
      analyses as well as background data. An annual update of the Handbook
      will be produced. The Handbook will be sold against a nominal fee to all
      interested parties.

      5. Programme of speakers
      European Internet Seminars 1999

      Wednesday, July 28 Location: Felix Meritis, Amsterdam
      10.00-11.00 Keynote speech: The new roles of the public and private
      sectors in the Information Society today (Kim Veltman, Scientific
      Director, Maastricht McLuhan Institute)
      11.00-12.00 Accomplishing social acceptance of change (James Stewart,
      Research Centre for Social Studies, University of Edinburgh)
      12.00-13.00 Accessibility of the Information Society (Michael Knauth,
      European Institute for the Media, Monique van Dusseldorp, Van Dusseldorp
      & Partners)
      14.30-16.00 New demands for education and labour markets (Machiel de
      Rooij, Federation Dutch IT, to be confirmed)
      16.15-17.45 Governments online and access to public information (Ola
      Kristiann Hoff, DG XIII, European Commission, to be confirmed)

      Thursday, July 29 Location: Media Plaza, Utrecht
      10.00-12.00 Hands-on demonstrations of the newest technology (Vincent
      Evers, Media Plaza)
      12.30-14.00 'Wiring Europe 1840-2015 - Skyscrapers to Homes to Wallets
      to Clothes' (Philip Weinberg, McKinsey & Company)
      15.00-16.00 Internet 2 and Gigaport: the development of the
      public-private partnership in infrastructure (Ernst Moeksis, KPN, Julf
      Helsingius KPN Qwest)

      Location Felix Meritis Amsterdam:
      16.00-17.00 Internet governance, by Esther Dyson (President, edVenture
      Holdings, interim Chairman Icann)

      Friday, July 30 Location: Felix Meritis, Amsterdam
      10.00-11.30 The current issues in content regulation (Stefaan Verhulst,
      University of Oxford, Jo Groebel, Director-general, European Institute
      for the Media)
      12.00-13.30 Consumer protection: can the industry self-regulate? (Anna
      Fielder, Consumers International, Jan Prins, Internet Society, Alistair
      Tempest, European Federation of Direct Marketers)
      15.00-16.00 Will the Information Society be what we expect it to be?
      (Karel van Wolfferen, Institute for Comparative Political and Economic

      For the full and updated programme, please check:

      For more information, please contact:
      Marjon Agema marjon@...
      Monique van Dusseldorp monique@...

      European Internet Seminars Asociation
      C/o Van Dusseldorp & Partners
      Korte Prinsengracht 26
      1013 GS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      tel: +31 20 6231530 fax: +31 20 6231522

      Registration forms can be downloaded on the site of the Amsterdam
      Maastricht Summer University at: http://www.amsu.edu/1999/enr.htm

      drs. Monique van Dusseldorp
      Van Dusseldorp & Partners
      European Internet Strategies


      Korte Prinsengracht 26, 1013 GS Amsterdam, the Netherlands
      tel +31 20 623 15 30, fax +31 20 623 15 22, mobile +31 655 364 699
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