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Oil Painting Trading

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  • your friend:Tan Weigang
    Oil Painting(Portraits)FigureStill Life FlowersLandscapeAnimals Dear Sir/Madam: I am glad to introduce ourselves as Arts & Crafts Department of Fujian Putian
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2006
      Oil Painting Trading


      Dear Sir/Madam:

      I am glad to introduce ourselves as Arts & Crafts Department of Fujian Putian Promising
      Trading Co., Ltd. I am the general manager Tan weigang
      With over 30% of oil painting reproduction export from Putian City where we are staying
      in, Putian is not able to compete Xiamen in term of painting trade.
      We are now thinking about reduce the chains from studios to the wholesalers overseas, so
      as to decrease the cost. We take the products directly from the studios and communicate
      between the buyers and painters directly, on one hand, it is more efficient, on the other
      hand, it is very beneficial to the elevation of product quality, e.g. I always emphasize the
      quality of photo that is sent by the clients, in order to anticipate the satisfying outcome
      from the studios, however this simple principle is now and then ignored should there be no
      link between the buyer and the painter.
      I hope we both are wise enough to choose each other and we both are the right men that we
      are searching so hard.
      You can also take a look of our website at www.promising.com.cn, that you know, we
      have two business can provide to you, one is oil paintings reproduction, the other one is
      photograph to oil portrait. I think you are interested about it, because I can save your
      Hope to receive your response very soon!
      GM:Tan weigang
      Address:Floor 4 of HuaMin Mansion,No.565 XueYuan Road, Putian City, Fujian, China. Postcode:351100
      E-mail:Weigang730330@... & linjunguo@... Tel:086-594-6986926 Fax: 086-594-6986605
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