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19oil painting & frame for wholesale

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  • oil painting
    Nov 7, 2007
      oil painting & frame supply
      Oil Painting
      oil painting
      oil painting
      oil painting

      oil painting Frame
      oil painting Frame
      oil painting Frame

      Framed Fine Art
      Oil painting with frame
      Oil painting with frame
      Oil painting with frame

      About US
       Greetings visitors and new friends!The largest producers of oil painted
      canvas are located in the Fujian Putian city in southeast China.This city is
      home to a rapidly growing number of oil painters,canvas experts and first
      quality customer service. Over 40% of the world's reproduction canvas
      paintings are produced in our city.
       Our company is proud to support over 500 very skilled oil painting
      painters and 15 professional studios. Our company also specializes in
      professional quality oil painting frames.This is very helpful to combine
      with our beautiful oil paintings. You can find both your oil paintings and
      frames at our company products catalog.
       Today, our company is a leader in the Putian oil painting and frame
      market. Our friendly customer service and cooperation is unsurpassed.
      and proud to serve many companies in America, Africa and Europe. We
      are a primary provider and we support our own artists and framing
       Our company is proud to offer museum grade master work reproduc-
      tions for your decorative and retail needs.Our beautiful canvas frames
      give the perfect finishing touch to all of your reproduction paintings.
       Many customers now enjoy beautiful oil paintings from their own
      photographs. These beautiful works of art are prized heirlooms and
      extraordinary unique displays in business and residences.
       When your company seeks the BEST wholesale supplier for oil
      paintings and frames,please contact us for best service, pricing, and
      shipping options.
       We will provide timely response to all inquiries.For your added con-
      venience, see our FAQ page.

      No.769,LiCheng south Road,Putian City,Fujian,China
      getbestart@...  Msn: getbestart@...
      0086-594-2618178 Fax: 0086-594-2618178
      100%handmade painting
      Top Grade Artists
      Oil painting workshp
      Oil Painting workshop
      Oil painting workshop
      Commercial Oil Painting
      Frame workshop
      Frame workshop
      Frame workshop
      Frame workshop
      Frame Workshop
      Painting with Carving Factory
      Painting with Carving Factory
      Painting with Carving
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