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  • Stephen Jay
    SunQuest Partners Announces The Games At MegaCon 2001. Thursday March 1 - Sunday March 4 are the dates for the southeast s largest gaming convention. Come to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2000
      SunQuest Partners Announces The Games At MegaCon 2001.

      Thursday March 1 - Sunday March 4 are the dates for the southeast's largest
      gaming convention. Come to sunny Orlando, Florida and enjoy four full days,
      21 RPGA Events and a single convention event that is like 5 great
      conventions rolled into one - along with some great benefits and special

      Four Full Days - This year gaming will begin Thursday at 12 Noon at the
      Sheraton World Resort at the end of International Drive next to Sea World.
      All RPGA gaming will be held at the Sheraton World Resort. Demos, CCG's,
      Miniatures, and Independents will be held with the main show, MegaCon, at
      the Orange County Convention Center Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

      21 RPGA Events - Weekend In Procampur and Weekend In Malatra will be
      co-hosted with MegaCon, allowing us to bring you 21 RPGA events! Six Living
      City, four Living Jungle, three Living Greyhawk, two Living Death, Two
      Virtual Seattle, the AD&D Regional, an AD&D Benefit, one Call of Cthulhu,
      and one Star Wars.

      Multiple Venues, One Great Price - One admission price gets you into the
      MegaCon Comics and Media convention, the Games At MegaCon, Weekend In
      Procampur, and Weekend In Malatra.

      Special Events - The Southeast's first Regional Event and four interactives
      - Living City, Living Jungle, Virtual Seattle and Star Wars.

      Special Benefits - First, SunQuest will be holding a special "Slot 0 Con"
      for all judges who agree to run 5 slots at MegaCon. "Slot 0 Con" will be at
      the Canterbury Retreat February 10 and 11, 2001. All participants will be
      given a complimentary lunch and dinner on Saturday and Lunch on Sunday, as
      well as a $20 gift certificate to Orlando's own Sci-Fi City. Also, all
      judges and volunteers, regardless of how many or how few slots they run,
      will receive �snack coupons' redeemable for free food at our snack booth
      throughout the convention. The more slots you work, the more coupons you
      get. Finally, judging 5 slots or more means you don't have to pre-pay
      anything to get into the con.

      Special Awards - This year SunQuest will be sponsoring five signature awards
      in conjunction with the con. 1) The Nigel D. Findley Award for best
      role-playing product of the year. 2) The Stephen Glimpse Memorial Award for
      outstanding judge of the year. 3) Best Improved Gamer (BIG) Award for the
      person who has helped improve Florida's gaming the most. 4) Independent
      Role-Playing Gamemaster contest, looking for the best written scenarios and
      offering cash prizes. 5) Miniatures Gamemaster contest, looking for the best
      constructed miniatures scenario, also with cash prizes.

      SunQuest is also offering special package deals for high-schools and junior
      highschool field trips to the con. We create a schedule of activities for
      you and your students to introduce you to the world of gaming, comics and

      If you would like to volunteer, judge RPGA or bring an independent game,
      please contact us. We are particularly interested in expanding our
      miniatures and CCG activities.

      Pre-registration booklets will go out in November. To get a pre-reg book
      email us at SunQuest_Games@..., call us at our voicemail at
      407/679-9666, or write us at 6980 Tomlinson Lane, Brooksville, FL 34602.
      Pre-Registration is $35 before February 16, 2001 or $40 at the door ($18 per
      day at the door).

      For information on dealer booth space at the MegaCon show, contact Beth
      Widera at beth@... or write MegaCon 2001, 4023 Tampa Road,
      Suite 2400, Oldsmar, FL 34677.
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