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Orphaned PBEMers seeking a game to call home.

Where have all the PBEMers gone? I mean the good ones... the games with heart. Those with posts longer than one line, or one paragraph? People who take
Mar 6, 2016

Maybe in the Market for a different kind of Star Trek Game

Ok before I throw out what I am looking for please don't pitch me some weird crossover that doesn't make sense. If you have a game that doesn't make you be a
Feb 23, 2016

Seeking Some Games

Charmed: Leo, Daryl, madeup demons. Buffy: Angel, Angelus, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Buffy Angel: Angel, Angelus, Groo, Wesley, Gunn, Kate X-Men: Too many to list,
Nov 30, 2014

Any Wolf-Boys out there? (Seeking co-author for Twilight fanfic)

The concept of imprinting fascinates me. As such, I would love to explore the process. I am always unhappy with my own males so would love to partner up with
Apr 11, 2014

Partner Search

Greetings fellow RPers. I am once again on the lookout for a long term writing partner, either male or female I'm not too phased. I can post about once a week
Apr 1, 2014

Avengers Assemble!! (Repost)

Reposting this as I was told the link didn't work. If it doesn't again, please let me know Heroes have always been around in some form or another. In ancient
Steve Burnett
Feb 23, 2014

Adventure, your way.

Adventure, your way. In 9th Fleet you are free to adventure in the Star Trek Universe, or limitless others. We offer writing support, forums, and an easy to
Feb 23, 2014

Looking for X-Men RPGs (or Buffy/Angel)

I am currently looking for X-Men RPGs where I can play Pyro and/or Cyclops. I do play other characters, but those are my main two. I am also interested in
James Bronson
Aug 30, 2013

Looking for Gundam/Mecha or Pacific Rim RPG

Hello all, I’m looking for mecha based game, canon or original though if original, I’ve got a couple of specifics. I’m looking for a R rated game,
Aug 17, 2013

Looking for RP

Basically at this point what I'd love to find is an RP set in one of Marvel's cosmic settings. Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Knights, Nova Corps, etc. Also,
Mar 18, 2013

Wild West

I am looking for an RPG/Sim that takes place in the Old West (circa 1800s) for a female character of mine. PBem, PbP, Chat Room....I am versed in all styles.
Mar 14, 2013

Any games looking for "older" characters (30+)?

I generally don't like writing near-teen characters for whatever reason, but I've noticed most soap, town, drama, and so forth games focus generally on the
Dec 2, 2012

Seeking a Star Trek Game

Hey All, I just finished Nanowrimo and now that I have free time again I'm looking to join a trek game. I am not really looking to play an officer. I'm looking
Dec 1, 2012

Sci Fi/Fantasy Sought

Looking for a one on one game or group. Not sure what I'm after at this point. Really I do prefer canon games, but original characters. Stargate, DC, Marvel,
Nov 24, 2012

Looking for Games

I'm a long-time writer that is interested in several different characters in several different genre's.. If you have a game that fits this criteria, please
James Bronson
Sep 16, 2012
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