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Re: 2015 version of Sagatafl Master Table

Hallo, From: "'Peter Knutsen (list)' list@... [rpg-create]" ... Damn. That ranges much farther afield than the scope of
Larry Hols
May 16

2015 version of Sagatafl Master Table

http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/1xm6xdiyj8/2015_Sagatafl_Master_Table.pdf This one may seem very similar the version I shared earlier, but it's much improved in
Peter Knutsen (list)
May 15

Re: Human subtypes

On 04-03-2015 15:52, 'Peter Knutsen (list)' list@... ... One more: Victim of Infancy Skull-Binding. This was, apparently, a fairly widespread practice
Peter Knutsen (list)
Mar 16

Re: Human subtypes

On 04-03-2015 13:49, 'Peter Knutsen (list)' list@... ... [...] Two more: Eunuch (Type II, Castrated as Adult), which really isn't much of a thing
Peter Knutsen (list)
Mar 4

Scale of incest severity

With the rising popularity of fantasy works such as "Game of Thrones", and historical projects such as the "Crusader Kings" computer games, it's become clear
Peter Knutsen (list)
Mar 4

Human subtypes

Besides the obvious one, the one different from the assumed norm, the Female Human, there are others that are potentially interesting. Ones that may be
Peter Knutsen (list)
Mar 4

Re: System Design Question.

This seems feasible, but why not have Attributes be 1-5 and use the full value? Unless you have some other use for odd-numbered Attributes, this seems to make
Jan 27

System Design Question.

This actually came to me in a dream last night and before I take it any further I wanted to present it here to see if it makes any sense. I have Attributes
Jan 26

Re: Latent Skills?

On Tue, 06 Jan 2015 13:19:14 +0100, klaus.ae.mogensen@... [rpg-create] wrote: [...] ... I'd say it's a very unrealistic
Leszek Karlik
Jan 13

Re: Latent Skills?

On 12-01-2015 17:54, 'Peter Knutsen (list)' list@... ... One way is to have the time the dude spent watching dancing TV, while he was paralyzed, count
Peter Knutsen (list)
Jan 12

Re: Latent Skills?

... Yes. The game mechanic acts both on the motivation of the player and on the motivation of the character. The character is expected to realize, when he
Peter Knutsen (list)
Jan 12

Re: RPG Skill Design Theory

Chad writes: > Existential (Spiritual) Intelligence could also be a measurement ... Sanity could also be a part of Intrapersonal intelligence: "introspective
Jan 7

Re: RPG Skill Design Theory

On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 1:04 PM, Clay Dreslough cjd@... ... That's a very interesting idea, if you mean fooling people into looking elsewhere while
David Lamb
Jan 6

Re: RPG Skill Design Theory

... "Psychopath" isn't an official diagnosis, so we are free to argue about what it means. The key element would seem to be reduced or non-existent empathy.
Clay Dreslough
Jan 6

Re: RPG Skill Design Theory

Further on the topic of root abilities / basic characteristics: From my list above is missing a sort of charisma / presence characteristic. Some people simply
Jan 6
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