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Re: Adventures guiding design

Giving the players the information they need can be difficult. I dislike letting it depend on skill rolls, since a failed roll for an otherwise skilled
1:56 AM

Re: Adventures guiding design

Hallo, ... Exactly. I want to identify the sorts of things that are missing from most games that should be addressed because they appear in play. Some are
Larry Hols
7:09 PM

Re: Adventures guiding design

On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 5:47 PM, Larry Hols crkdface@... [rpg-create] < ... I can certainly understand that. I didn't care for 4 (heck, I didn't like 2)
4:44 PM

Re: Adventures guiding design

Hallo, From: "JAPartridge japartridge@... [rpg-create]" >Having just spent Independence Day playing D&D 5.0 (and rather enjoying it).... I'm pretty
Larry Hols
3:47 PM

Re: Adventures guiding design

Having just spent Independence Day playing D&D 5.0 (and rather enjoying it) it encouraged me to dust off my old system which has been languishing in various
12:53 PM

Adventures guiding design

Hallo, My current project involves creating a game that is very much the sort of game I would have loved to have when I started playing. I've taken the
Larry Hols
12:45 PM

Re: Combat damage help

Re--reading the conversation, I noted a point that Greg Porter made early on: Your system has no variability in damage, so a character will always know how
Jun 8

Re: Normal Distributions

... e^(-x²) is the same as (1/e)^(x²). You might have seen the formula in the latter form. Yours, Torben
Torben Mogensen
Jun 2

Normal Distributions

Hi Torben, I'm finally digging into your excellent paper at http://www.diku.dk/~torbenm/Troll/RPGdice.pdf I remember I was wrong before when questioning your
Jun 1

Re: 2015 version of Sagatafl Master Table

Hallo, From: "'Peter Knutsen (list)' list@... [rpg-create]" ... Damn. That ranges much farther afield than the scope of
Larry Hols
May 16

2015 version of Sagatafl Master Table

http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/1xm6xdiyj8/2015_Sagatafl_Master_Table.pdf This one may seem very similar the version I shared earlier, but it's much improved in
Peter Knutsen (list)
May 15

Re: Human subtypes

On 04-03-2015 15:52, 'Peter Knutsen (list)' list@... ... One more: Victim of Infancy Skull-Binding. This was, apparently, a fairly widespread practice
Peter Knutsen (list)
Mar 16

Re: Human subtypes

On 04-03-2015 13:49, 'Peter Knutsen (list)' list@... ... [...] Two more: Eunuch (Type II, Castrated as Adult), which really isn't much of a thing
Peter Knutsen (list)
Mar 4

Scale of incest severity

With the rising popularity of fantasy works such as "Game of Thrones", and historical projects such as the "Crusader Kings" computer games, it's become clear
Peter Knutsen (list)
Mar 4

Human subtypes

Besides the obvious one, the one different from the assumed norm, the Female Human, there are others that are potentially interesting. Ones that may be
Peter Knutsen (list)
Mar 4
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