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Covington-cultists vs. Christian Identity

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  • martin@martinlindstedt.org
    Hello Martin, Post as is, I have nothing to hide and continue to seek the Truth. My journey is to understand myself, thus understanding others. I also seek
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2004
      Hello Martin,

      Post as is, I have nothing to hide and continue to seek the Truth. My
      journey is to understand myself, thus understanding others. I also seek to
      understand our relationship with the Creator. I apologize for my stating
      things I have been taught that may be a lie, I wasn't there. A lot of what
      I had been taught, now confirmed a lie, has been replaced by the Truth. I
      am most interested in mastering the moment and staying there! The thought
      of eternity in the absence of an understanding of the moment scares me! I
      continue to find the B.I.B.L.E. to be the most useful tool for the
      understanding and application of this concept.

      More later on another possibility for the differences in the peoples
      occupying this rock. . .

      in faith

      Hello Martin,

      I apologize for taking so long to reply. I've given much thought to this
      little dialogue. Let us agree that all who are here and that arrived
      through the womb of a woman, were born into an outright lie or a twisted
      truth. Our search for the Truth can leave no other observation. Your
      definition "Christian Zionism" of me is incorrect, what I am finding in
      following the Word of God are real-time tools to be an effective warrior on
      this battle field of life. They are discoveries and have very little but
      surface connection to the verbology surrounding race and language wars we
      were born into. I don't question many of your observation of the world,
      nor your understanding of the Bible and Biblical History. Often I am in
      agreement of your observations.

      I am honored that you honored my name and effort. I just want the world to
      see itself for what it is. Slumming, heck, not very difficult these days.
      Are you telling me that the truthcom list is bad for the Movement?

      in faith


      Hello Russ:

      As you know, I am of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity doxology, and
      it is certainly not a secret.

      Accordingly, I cannot agree with you that everyone 'born of a woman'
      even if 'born to a lie or a twisted truth' is human in the sense of having
      equal rights or potential. YHWH has not created us all equal or even human.
      YHWH created different peoples and races for a reason -- if YHWH was an
      integrator then He would have created us all with the same racial skills
      and abilities and be all if favor of miscegination to equalize out such
      differences. Reading the Bible, and observing Nature, I can see no such
      plan, but rather see degeneration and disaster in mixing that which YHWH
      created differently. Christianity until recently supported the separation
      of the races and peoples which YHWH created and commanded. Today,
      Christianity is post-Christian churchianity, of which 'Christian Zionism'
      is the most profane. Millions of the awful and evil 'Left Behind' series of
      books have been published, threatening to finish off 'Amerikwa.'

      Zionism is a misnomer, given that million of Ashkenazi/Khazar jews
      falsely claiming to be descendants of Shem and Abraham (when in fact such
      are descendants of Japheth, Gomer/Gog, and Ashkenaz and Togomrah cf.
      Genesis 10:3) invade the land of Palestine, land given to the sons of
      Ishmael, the S[h]emitic Arabs after true Israel was deported by the
      Assyrians, and the 'bad figs' the Judeans, Benjamite, and Levite remnants
      were destroyed and scattered by the Romans.

      90% of today's 'jews' are Ashkenazi jews, remnants of the Turko-
      Mongollian Khazars, who were first cousins to the Huns and Magyars, and
      second cousins to the Seljuk Turks, Armenians, and Azerbajanis, who
      converted to Talmudic rabbinical jewdaism of the Pharisees, who derived
      most of this from Babylon. All of these matters are known to those who
      have studied the matter.

      Thus you certainly made eyes roll when you said the 'Christian Zionist'
      mantra of 'jews are G-d's chosen people, etc. etc. Those few Ashkenazi
      jews surviving to make the Millenium are destinied to rebel against YHWH
      immediately when Satan is unbound for a little season, cf. Revelation 20:7-
      9. Seems that their notions of 'equality' leads them to besiege the Camp of
      the Saints, though they should know better and to gain a certain scortch.
      There is no future in rushing the gun and practicing the Zionism,
      especially this wrong side of the Millenium.

      I assure you that while I was indoctrinated in the One-Seedline
      traditional dogma through Herbert-the-Pervert Armstrong's Worldwide Church
      of God, my conversion to the Dual-Seedline dogma, in which the Sephardic
      jews are the spawn of Satan and the Ashkenazi jews the adoptive spawn of
      Satan, and the non-whites the Genesis 1:24-31 'Beasts of the Field'
      occurred around 1997 or 1998, in large part about reading about how
      the 'Great Flood' was the flooding of the Atlantic into the Mediterranian
      valley. These 'men' are Sixth-Day Man. And the Dual-Seedline men are the
      sons of Adam through Seth versus the sons of Satan through Cain, the jews.

      I appreciate name and efforts over the years. Your name first came up
      from Gary Hunt, whom I am annoyed at because Gary wants to be politically
      correct. He has played fast and loose with the truth. Back in 1998 he
      didn't like my racial and biblical commentary based upon Identity dogma,
      yet, after 2000, he printed Nord Davis's 'Star Wars' book, complete with
      the idiotic nonsense about Hitler being a jew. You have not censored my
      posts, which is quite an accomplishment, especially given that the now-gone
      militia generals and paytriots in their quest for profits did so.

      . . . .

      'Truthcom' at jewhoogruppen is a covingtonista-cultist listserver. They
      follow 'Wierd Harold' Covington, also known as Tubby, who has been a self-
      serving mini-fuerher fixture on the neo-nazi side. There are rumors of
      Covington being of jew ancestry. What is no rumor is that Covington is
      grossly obese and extremely self-serving and jealous in wanting to be a key
      mover and player within the entire Movement as a whole. Covington is a
      talented writer who simply cannot play well with others. Also, Covington
      and his cultists are extremely cowardly and venomous, sitting behind
      computers with no known faces or street addresses, defecating on others
      from the irresponsible safety of a keyboard.

      Covington is believed to be in the Olympia, Washington area, collecting
      money from behind the safety of a post office box. Several years ago,
      Resistance activist Will Williams got tired of Covington hiding behind a
      postal address safe from his libels, so Williams instituted a defamation
      lawsuit in a North Carolina county court. Covington refused to show up for
      trial and a civil judgment was made against him for over $100,000. Since
      them Covington has been migrating to Texas and now to Washington.
      Covington's feebs follow a similar pattern of lying and hiding behind e-
      mail addresses. Yet they whine that they have been wronged because nobody
      believes them.

      I should have listened to Katya Lane's assessment of Covington back in
      998: "Sooner or later you will grow tired of his lies." She said that
      twice to me. However,
      since I thought that since Covington was sympathetic to Christian Identity,
      I refrained from asking questions until 2003, when Covington's 'Movement'
      detective novel, "The Hill of the Ravens" was self-published on a WWW page.
      In this novel Covington appears as a character, and true to form, cannot
      help but dump on greater men than himself, like Pierce, Duke, Metzger.
      Covington has to give ducks their name then try to hit them with his cane.
      What I did notice is that Christian Identity soldiers are to be used as
      cannon-fodder and then cheated by being given third-class or "C-class'
      citizenship behind every idiotic and self-serving covingtonista. Covington
      also uses CI leaders such as Pastor Richard Butler to give creedence to his
      Covington Caper of transplanting neo-nazi marginals to the Northwest ZOG.

      A tree should be judged by its fruits. All Covington has done is to
      slander and defame everyone in the entire Movement making a ZOG-buck more
      from their cultists than Covington makes from his less than 20 or 30
      cultists. All done without posting a picture of himself weighing 300-400
      lbs and certainly without a street address. Why is this? Because
      Covington is a coward and a liar. Covington has nothing to do other than
      spam the entire Movement e-mail lists and forums which don't censor his
      fund-raising swill while at the same time censoring covingtonista
      listservers. Covington seemingly is unable or unwilling to spend money for
      his own ISP, Web page, forum or listserver and so must parasite off of
      others. You noticed for yourself this hypocritical practice on the
      covingtonista 'truthcom' yahoo listserver.

      Stay away from Covington. He had nothing to offer for yourself and he
      is a plague on the Movement. He has been around for 30 years and is
      universally despised -- for good reason. He is a taker and a faker whose
      entire behavior is worse than that of jews. Best stay away from Covington's
      Caveat Emporium.

      --Martin Lindstedt
      338 Rabbit Track Road
      Granby, Missouri 64844

      P.S. I would like to repost this message to other listservers, especially
      the portion dealing with Covington. I need not use your name, if you wish.


      At 11:22 PM 1/21/04 -0700, you wrote:

      >Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 08:10:07 -0800
      >From: "Dokturd vonwhiggert" <vonweigert@...>
      >Subject: Re: God's Chosen People, My Ass!

      >Where is that eminent theologian Martin Luther Lindstedt when we really

      Censored from JD Queer/Steer's 'LieComm' jewhoogruppen, home of the
      tubbynista cultists, worshippers of His Bashanic Bulkitude, the 400 lb.
      oberbannfebbenfattenfuerher 'Wierd Harold' Covington, a.k.a. 'Tubby, Tubby,
      Tubby.' The cultist religion on this jewhoogruppen is worship of the huge,
      unseen, unknown critter behind the shower curtain, His Bashanic Bulkitude,
      The Great Whigger Whale, Moby Dickless, i.e., Harold Covington. Any
      blasphemy of Tubby outside the LieComm jewhoogruppen, be it on another mini-
      fuerher list or VNN Forum or where-ever is drug back here by Tubby's
      witless dogs dragging back a dead catfish or skunk to roll around in until
      they all have enjoyed the odor of sacreligion.

      >It appears that our friend Rus Dov is a straight-out Ketzer-fawning
      Dispensationalist, which must surely be worse than one of those other banes
      of Marty's existance, "One Seed-liners", "Babtists" or "New Covenant
      Cornholers". (Lindstedt's words, not my own). I'm sure that good old
      Martin Luther Lindstedt could set Rus right on this issue, or at least
      provide us with some entertaining insight.<

      Russ Dove is actually quite a few steps above the covingtonista
      swillers. Dove has run a forum for years and never censored anything I have
      written about militia personalities, various kike agent provacateurs, or
      the baal-priests pretending to be One-Seedline, but aren't that I love to
      call, "New Covenant Cornholers" and 'Babtist Hobbyists.' Unlike JD
      Queer/Steer in its various 'LieCommission' jewhoogruppen incarnations, Russ
      acts like a White man in that Russ doesn't censor opposing commentary.

      Now Russ does suffer from Christian Zionism, which JD Queer allows to be
      discussed, ostensibly as polytricks, but actually because it isn't Tubby-
      blasphemous. The cure for Russ would be to read Genesis 10:3, wherein
      Japheth's oldest grandson was Ashkenaz, Koestler's 'The Thirteenth Tribe,'
      and the collected works of the Bishop James Floyd, Doctor of Divinity.


      Vonwhiggert is a prime example of the reigning 'religion' common to ZOG
      and its ZOGlings called Solipsistic Hypocrisy. Every so often
      vonwhiggert's crazy check comes in and vonwhiggert is then able to fire up
      his roehm-mobile and do his sexual tourism with big black bi-sexual bucks
      in Detroit gay bars, in which vonwhiggert then settles down after sucking
      down a gallon or two of its favorite beverage dispensed by congoid trouser-

      Vonwhiggert and Tubby have been fast friends since vonwhiggert found
      Tubby lodged under the door of a bus-terminal pay toilet in Sans
      Fagscrisco. Tubby, all 400 lbs of him, just had to go and didn't have a
      quarter, and got caught crawling under the stall door. Since Tubby wasn't
      vonwhiggert's type, vonwhiggert showed that he cared by giving a quarter
      and springing Tubby. Vonwhiggert sits at the left hand of Tubby at the
      buffet table, second only to JD Queer, who sets on Tubby's right hand. Like
      the A-rabs, vonwhiggert is the 'knight of the sinister' whereas JD is the
      dexter. JD helps shovel Tubby in, vonwhiggert gets to shovel Tubby out.
      Like the Kort of Baalzebub, flies and lies have it made at Tubby's Round

      >Marty, if you're still receiving this e-group, or if anyone out there can
      forward this entire discussion of Dov's to him, the infidels are at the
      gates and we need a Holy Warrior Defender of The Faith like you to weigh in
      on this.<

      jews and faggots like to call me 'Marty,' so vonwhiggert got double
      cause. They instinctively love to apply the diminuitive to the White Man
      safe behind their craven anonyminity. Sometimes I think that vonwhiggert
      is Khazarl Wordenstein on its daze off from shoveling off Tubby and roehm-
      mobiling&squealing. But jew are right, vonwhiggert. Russ needs
      application of heavy doxological artillery to cure or kill his Christian
      Zionism. Russ needs to read my article about the "jews and their Talmud."


      >Heil Hitler, Hail Odin, Hail Thor!,
      >Dr. von Weigert, ANP/NSWPP, and known to toss a concrete block into the
      septic tank (while carefully avoiding the backsplash) to see what floats to
      the top.<

      Vonwhiggert is rather goofily prissy. Just as it will swill down an
      entire dumpster of slop on fine china to get at a Chilean grape, so too it
      will toss a cinderblock into the cesspool to agitate the liquified contents
      before avidly sucking them down with a silver straw. Vonwhiggert thinks it
      is such an artiste, when in fact it is a mattoid poseur acting like a fly --
      eating shit and bothering people.

      'Dokturd' vonwhiggert is, depending on mood, schidzoid
      mamzeroid/syphilitic intent, which way the breaking wind is blowing off'n
      Tubby, etc., variously a 'dokturd,' a 'lawyer,' a 'real-estate broker,'
      a 'nine-year-old nigger,' or whatever else it wants to be deemed useful to
      claim at at the moment. The only thing which doesn't change is its
      hostility and fear of being seen or pinned down. Vonwhiggert's second name
      is: "Covington-on-Touretts." Covington's Second of Seven Earthlink
      alieasses is vonwhiggert's.

      Russ, why are you slumming with the covingtonistas? Nobody not a
      covingtonista actually POSTS to JD Queer's 'LieComm' jewhoogruppen. Only
      Tubby #s 1-7@..., Tubby(s)@..., Tubby(s)@... and
      them tubbynistas on ass-lick detail POST on 'LieComm.' The rest of the 220
      out of 240 members of 'LieComm' are spies, making sure Tubby and its kind
      stays in their 'LieComm' listserver ghetto and out of Movement and
      Resistance listservers and forums. I SPY with at least three aliases on
      Tubby and his freaks myself. I POST elsewhere. The tubbynistas can be
      counted upon, like maggots and buzzards, to absorb each and every insult I
      make, and then drag it back for all tubbynistas to masochistically enjoy.
      Build you or take you a dump on your own list, and them covingtonistas will

      --Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
      A Defender of the Faith & Hammer of Mamzers, &
      Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri -- 2004
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