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  • Ahilya Rani
    Hi. ... low ... discharge), ... NO, dont worry! it is ok to do in rome what romans do! but why to become a roman if you can be an Indian! (it is
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      Lars Bergstrom <lars.bergstrom@...> wrote:

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      > Hello!
      > >Ticking of ammeter is NOT regulator action, it will not come in work at so
      > >speed!!! It is ammeter showing points-contact/break(discharge/no
      > >and very small charge at that speed!
      > Hmm,,, Makes sense!
      > I really havn't investigated exactly what happens. I really should have dig
      > deeper in the problem before I joined the discussion. Sorry! Your
      > explanation seems to be the correct one!

      NO, dont worry! it is ok to do in rome what romans do! but why to become a
      roman if you can be an Indian! (it is figer-of-speech, not to insult Romans!)

      > >There are 4 diodes in rectifier,
      > >any one getting spoilt is end of rectifier! Not 75% OK!
      > If the rectifier is a 4-diode, full-bridge, one-phase unit, then one diode
      > may be open. If so, the unit will act as a half-wave rectifier.
      > If one diode is short, then the unit will act shorted (except the 0,7 V
      > forvard drop), loading the alternator dangerously high.

      hey! you are very correct! but when one diode opens, soon one will short,
      maybe because of more load on that halfcycel? this you will observe manytimes,
      that by the side of shorted diode is open diode! but we cannot tell the real
      sekvense of happening, only gess!

      > However, I am not really sure of what rectifier type and what type of
      > wiring that is fitted on the bike in different countries. There might be
      > differencies.
      yes, little.
      > Is the 4-diode, full-bridge, one-phase rectifier unit standard on the
      till few months, surely yes. with new altternater, we dont no.

      > As I remember, my bike was equipped with a 2-phase (3-phase?) rectifier....
      i can not follow what is 2 or 3-phase rectifier? is it 4 or 6 diodes or is it
      2or 3 bridges?
      > Could it be a home-brew modification?

      > /Lars B
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