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Re: [Enfield] Re: Enfield shipped from India?

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  • Katarina Lang
    Woody! ... messages with Suspendo illi Nothi - Latin for hang the bast***s . Nice touch! Totally agree. But shouldn t that be Suspendo illi coitii
    Message 1 of 16 , May 31 5:08 AM

      >>>This is why, when I first joined this e-group, I tagged my
      messages with "Suspendo illi Nothi" - Latin for "hang the

      Nice touch! Totally agree. But shouldn't that be "Suspendo illi coitii
      Nothi"??? (With a strong FAQ somewhere in there -coitii being the plural of
      coitus- I hope...

      BTW I heard (unconfirmed) that NASA's new slogan will be "We will shove our
      shuttle so far up your a** the noscone will look like a black lying
      toungue" and The US Navy's new one is supposedly "Will Nuke U 2 -soon"....


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