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This made my day

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  • rowena cherry
    Do you ever read authors interviews on various blogs or review sites? If so, I d love to know what you think of this one. I m told that some readers pay
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2006
      Do you ever read authors' interviews on various blogs or review sites? If so, I'd love to
      know what you think of this one.

      I'm told that some readers pay more attention to interviews than to reviews. I don't know
      whether or not that is true, but I do know that an electronic interview takes me the best
      part of a day, if not longer.

      Therefore, a gracious note from the interviewer like this
      Rowena: First, thank you for your OUTSTANDING responses to my
      questions. Yours is a prime example of exactly what I was hoping for
      with the interviews. Education, entertainment and promo. Extremely well

      It's now up on the blog. Thanks again! It would be great if you could
      put a link on your websites/blogs.


      ----end of snip----

      really does make my day.

      It's been a bit of what I call a "Michelob" day. Sometimes rock music perfectly reflects a
      feeling, other times it's an ad jingle. Michelob beer had that "Some days are better than
      others" refrain.

      I like the positive spin to sing on one of the not-so-better days.

      Yesterday I had oral surgery. Today half my face looks like I'm made up ready to audition
      as voice talent in an anthropomorphic cartoon-animal movie, and I'm living on delicious
      and sober liquids until my stitches come out next Monday.

      I got the business part of my handbag out this am to order some products from Vistaprint
      to help some romance writers group out with goodie bag stuffers, but Vistaprint was
      having computer problems, so my History and my Images were "down" and I could not
      reorder, and the default imagery seemed to me to strongly suggest that I had owed
      Vistaprint money for a long time.

      Not so!!!! I was instructed--by someone in India, I think-- to come back in an hour, but
      by that time, something had gone wrong with the admin area of my website. When I went
      to collect my child from school, I forgot to scoop up the credit cards and ids (set aside for
      when Vistaprint got its act together) and off I went, only to discover my error when the
      Kroger supermarket wouldn't accept a check for $30 for absolute necessities, since I had
      no id and no other way to pay.

      Thus, it was really wonderful to discover Lynda's appreciative email. I do hope her blog
      gets lots of hits and comments. Her blog is First Sale stories and is targeted at people
      who are trying to break into publishing.

      Best wishes,
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