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Who is that Masked Man with a Knife?

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  • rowena cherry
    Men with knives... will they always be necessary? I m not thinking about alien assassins, aliens with table manners, or futuristic barbaric warriors. I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2006
      Men with knives... will they always be necessary?

      I'm not thinking about alien assassins, aliens with table manners, or
      futuristic barbaric warriors. I'm thinking surgery.

      Assuming for a moment that wars are not fought by champions playing
      chess, or out-singing each other, or displaying their terrifyingly
      impressive tails (or other body parts). Someone is going to get hurt.

      I do "buy" heroines who can "do" pyschic healing.

      In fact, the 2006 Romantic Times Conference, Pyschic Sunday was a
      real mind-opener. Two psychic healers --one hands-on, the other
      hands-off-- helped an unfortunate person with a visibly swollen face
      and abcessed tooth, and also on a number of others.

      The psychic healing was very responsible, the point was made that all
      methods are complementary and the sufferers were also told to see a
      conventional doctor. However, whatever they did seemed to work.

      I like medicine based on plants and other natural substances, too.

      I have trouble suspending disbelief when a mortally injured party is
      put into a futuristic light box (like a seed propagator? like a
      tanning bed?) and they recover "just like that" --to quote the
      memorable, Fez-wearing magician, Tommy Cooper.

      Maybe I accept it for some ailments. Immersion in the sea is
      supposed to be restorative. It certainly does great things for my
      feet... unless I step on a weaver fish, of course, or get stung by a
      jellyfish. So, I can believe that being bathed in some sort of light
      might be as good for me as being bathed in some sort of liquid.

      Should I infer that the light box is akin to teleportation as
      medicine. I should re-read The Physics of Star Trek (which is on my
      keeper shelf). Beam Me Up, Scotty, is fine. Beam Me Well?

      Sometimes, just taking my rotating head electric fan apart and
      putting it back together again the way it was does work for a time,
      but it wouldn't if something was broken or rusted.

      Lasers, I suppose, could replace knives. My problem is, when I think
      of lasers, I think of a couple of James Bond films... Goldfinger, Die
      Another Day... and I shudder at the thought of laser eye surgery. I
      know I shouldn't.

      Do I think that a machine with a laser could replace a man --or a
      woman-- with a surgical knife? Yes, but I don't want to write about
      it, any more than I --personally-- want to write about an android
      with a libido.

      Terminator with a tool? Great for action adventure, and I daresay he
      would have been very competent in the Operating Room. But for a
      fictional frisson, give me a masked man with a very sharp knife,
      every time.

      By the way--
      INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL opens with a damaged hero on an
      operating table, surrounded by his enemy's surgeons, hoping fervently
      that the masked men don't take a surgical interest in his tattooed
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