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  • Matilaja, you have to know me to know the
    Rowena, I hope that you and yours are well and in good spirits, and that Grandfather Great Mystery watches over you, and all of us, each and every day in good
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 10, 2008
      I hope that you and yours are well and in good spirits, and that
      Grandfather Great Mystery watches over you, and all of us, each and
      every day in good favour.
      That is so nice what you are doing for Axle, which was my Grandpa's
      name. It's nice that you're not being all touchie feelie with Axle.
      Out here in Washington State, actually Western Washington, where I
      live, we have a extension type program to Western State College.
      It's one of their satalite schools, not the main branch. Here on the
      reservation and in the nearby farming community things happen with
      animals and even with your plants and you can go to that college to
      find out what is happening and what you can do. When I contacted
      them it was because I had some scary looking bee's trying to take up
      residents in my yard. Well, I did what we've been told we could do,
      I called that college and asked about the bee's in my yard. DAng,
      the first person I talked to told me to get good and close and take a
      photo and to bring the photo over to him and they would check it
      out. I told him huh, AHHH, NO Way am I walking up to them bee's. He
      gave me to someone else and that person had me describe the bee as
      best I could. He told me to stay away from it and they would send
      people out because it was Africanized Killer Bee's, well, that
      confirmed it, I stayed out of that side of my yard. I think they had
      been hoping it was honey bee's since there has been such a national
      shortage of the main honey bee's. They cleared the little devil's
      out by doing something with their Queen and they are still gone,
      whew. OK! there I went on one of my ever rambling dialogs. I had
      meant to ask if you have one of those college type programs. You and
      your Daughter could really get into a good program with your local
      college or wild life state program or even 4-H. Mainly I think it is
      wonderful that they way you two are helping Axle is through the least
      intrusive way for the little dickens. I hope Axle is getting better
      by the hour. I hope you and your Daughter have a Super Spiffy day
      and an even better evening. Good on ya both.
      In the Spirit,
      Sue Morales-Finckel, 253-380-2444
      NatAimer@... or RezzChik@...

      --- In rowenacherrynewsletter@yahoogroups.com, "Rowena Cherry"
      <ROWENABEAU@...> wrote:
      > Yesterday evening we saw a young speckled bird, probably a young
      > american robin, on our deck. Hopping, eating bugs, seeming fine.
      > had our trees sprayed, so there could have been a lot of bugs on
      the deck.
      > I was a little concerned for it's tummy, but the bird refused to go.
      > Later, we saw it attempt a vertical take off, and fall to the
      > So I put out a foil baking tray with water in, and also a box that
      > vegetable man leaves which has a square but otherwise bird sized
      > cutout as a door hole, with a grapefruit packing divider (a
      > is about the size of a bird's nest) on the deck to stop ants from
      > attacking.
      > We have squirrels, raccoons, night hunting birds, so I wanted to
      > the bird some shelter.
      > Nevertheless, I did not expect to see the bird (now named Axle)
      > She's still out there, and is sipping the water.
      > So, half an hour ago, I went to dig up some worms and spiders (not
      > very hopeful), and I dropped them in the drinking water, since that
      > was the best way to slow the worms and spiders down without maiming
      > Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I left the deck Axle hopped
      > to her drinking bowl, and devoured a spider and a worm.
      > A little later, one of the other worms made a big for freedom while
      > Axle was peacefully digesting her brunch. My daughter started
      > and cheering her on, and Axle hopped back to the water, intercepted
      > the escapee, and consumed it.
      > I guess, until whatever is wrong with Axle's wings mends, I'm doing
      > be worming a few times a day.
      > :-)
      > Oh, the Romantic life....!
      > Best wishes,
      > Rowena
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