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  • Rowena Cherry
    Here s another excerpt from one of the first chapters. Rhett is tidying up after the dramatic murder at the end of Insufficient Mating Material. ... Rhett s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2008
      Here's another excerpt from one of the first chapters. 'Rhett is
      tidying up after the dramatic murder at the end of Insufficient Mating


      'Rhett's gaze dropped to some scattered, mismatched tarot cards on the
      thickly carpeted floor.

      Someone should pick those up.

      The killing of Django had been tidier than the cleanup. The cards had
      been knocked from a table by a contingent of Tarrant-Arragon's Star
      Forces as they otherwise efficiently removed Prince Django-Ra's corpse
      into the gaudily lit, everlasting night on the Dark Side of Eurydyce's
      Pleasure Moon.

      Having set aside his glass of something-like-tea, 'Rhett sighed and
      went down on one knee. Leave it to the male Cinderella of the family
      to clean up!

      The first upturned card was prominently labeled THE LOVERS. Many of
      Aunt Tarra's tarot decks depicted a nude male and a female entwined
      with a large, phallic snake, suggesting an Adam and an Eve.

      This Lovers card wasn't like that. The lone male was fully clothed, as
      if Prince Paris of Troy might have been hunting when the three
      scantily clad goddesses waylaid him and insisted that he should judge
      their charms—and weigh the attractions of their bribes—and award a
      golden apple to the loveliest of the most powerful and vindictive
      goddesses in the pantheon. It must have been the most depraved beauty
      contest of human Greco-Roman mythology.

      What is it about this version of the Lovers card that infuriates me?

      'Rhett's lips tightened in disapproval; his pulse sped up.

      Although his three half brothers jeeringly called him a killjoy and a
      cold-heart, he wasn't the type to go into a sexually repressed lather
      over a vision of a female flaunting her considerable charms. What
      pushed his buttons was that the myth behind this particular card
      glamorized the vices he found most abhorrent. Bribery. Corruption.
      Adultery. Sexual exploitation. Irresponsible sex…

      Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw Tarrant-Arragon flash
      a glance at him, then look away.

      The beribboned Goddess of Love was holding out the promise of her
      body—which she'd no intention of delivering—to inflame the judge's
      lust so that he'd give her what she wanted.

      I can't stand females who try that! It reminds me of
      Electra-Djerroldina. Damn. I didn't mean to think about her!

      He was too much of a gentlemale and a diplomat to dwell on Electra's
      shocking indiscretion not four months ago. Since that time he'd never
      mentioned her or her grossly insulting proposition. Until seeing this
      card, he'd never thought of her. Not deliberately, anyhow.

      The goddess looked like Electra. Not that 'Rhett wanted to see Electra
      ever again, let alone wearing no more than a wickedly knowing smile
      and rumpled ribbons fluttering between her legs and around her perfect

      Disquieting memories flashed under his guard.

      "Prince Djarrhett, you…" Electra had cooed at the aborted Mating
      Banquet, the first time they'd come within speaking range of each
      other. Her bee-stung lower lip pouted as if she were blowing kisses on
      the oooh sounds.

      She'd spoken for his ears alone, but her smoky gaze had been directed
      out across the banqueting throng. Anyone watching might have supposed
      that she was mouthing a silent greeting to someone else.

      Damnable female! She'd asked him to knock her up, and she hadn't had
      the decency to look at him. How insulting was that!


      I might be looking for a couple of Beta Readers, if anyone is
      interested. A Beta reader receives a copy of the galleys of Knight's
      Fork, in other words an unbound stack of paper.

      It's the story, and it's a free read, and the reason an author sends
      out galleys is in the hope that a reader will report back what she
      liked best about the story, to help the author target topics for
      starting intriguing discussions on blogs and noticeboards etc.

      rowena at rowenacherry dot com

      Is anyone interested?

      Best wishes,
      Rowena Cherry
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