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Tarot-reading excerpt from KNIGHT'S FORK

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  • Rowena Cherry
    My first version of KNIGHT S FORK was based on the idea of the opening chapters being two weddings and a funeral and covering several months. It wasn t fast
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2007
      My first version of KNIGHT'S FORK was based on the idea of the opening chapters being "two weddings and a funeral" and covering several months.

      It wasn't fast enough. I had to cut it to one wedding breakfast and a wake! Now, my hero, 'Rhett, is surrounded by nosy relatives who all want to know about his love life.

      They insist on a Tarot reading. Here's a snip:


      “What does the big golden cup in the magic circle mean?” Martia-Djulia asked.

      “Luck in love,” Aunt Tarra said.

      “Yeah, right!” Djetth snorted. “It’s been said of our ’Rhett that he never met a female he liked, and he never met a female who didn’t like him –platonically. If it wasn’t for bad luck in the sack, ’Rhett wouldn’t have no luck at all.”

      “Aaahhh, but that is all about to change,” Tarrant-Arragon purred wickedly.


      “So, I am standing at a Crossroads, about to take a Journey. Let’s move on without discussing the predictable meanings of my rod, my scattered silver, my sword, and the bird on my back. What can we make of…?”

      ’Rhett snapped the next card face up, horizontally on top of and across his so-called signature card.

      “Ah! ‘Judgment’!”

      Instead of the usual blond angel with the long, flared post horn, summoning the joyous, naked dead from their graves, or the Pharaoh’s mythological god of the underworld raising Egyptian-looking mummies from their sarcophagi, this was a secular Hamlet in a Shakespearean doublet and respectable codpiece, contemplating Yorick’s skull.

      No nudity.

      “Oh, dear!” Aunt Tarra said. “Judgment ‘crosses’ The Magician.”
      She leaned forward. The forefinger and middle finger of her beautifully manicured hands tapped the two cards. “Djarrhett Raven Perseus Pendragon Roland Djames, you are your own worst enemy. You always have been.”

      “We should come back to this,” Grandmama Hell said with a thin, mysterious smile. “Do not keep us in suspense, Djarrhett. What is your next card?”

      More than happy to move on without a proper analysis of “Judgment”, he flipped the third card over. In a departure from the “North-South-East-West” order that Hell had used for Django’s reading, he placed the third card below the crossed cards.

      It was a showgirl. Topless, she flaunted improbably pink nipples like cherry blossom buds, that stood out all the more because she wore all white, from her eye-catching crown of tall, albino peacock feathers, to her tight, long slashed skirt, and staggeringly high, “make-love-to-me” heels.

      Her only other colors were the smoke-smut blue of her eyes and the London bus red of her eagerly parted lips. The eyes, the bold ‘I want to suck you’ smile were Electra’s. She took his breath away.

      “Hah!” Aunt Tarra snorted. “That has to be The Queen of Wands. Well, she doesn’t matter where she is, in the “Underlying Problem” position. She is an issue from the past, although she might conceivably have something to do with your present motivations.”

      ’Rhett’s imagination rioted up the slit of The Queen of Wands’ skirt and into her creamy fishnet stocking tops.


      I'm sorry that the newsletter is late. I must get this book put to bed! However, I would like to mention three items of news:

      1. FOR CRAZY TUESDAY, October 2nd...10.00 am Eastern

      2. FOR CHERRY PICKING SPECIALS Sept 23rd 9.00pm Eastern

      3.If you liked Insufficient Mating Material, it's eligible for the Fall Night Owl Romance Award (I was surprised, and checked) for the voting going on at:


      Anyone can vote, but only once a day.

      Thanks for your patience with me, and your support.
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