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A review made me cry (in a good way)

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  • rowena cherry
    This morning, a review made me cry... not a lot, not for the reasons you might expect. The review is accurate, literate, thoroughly professional, thoughful,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2007
      This morning, a review made me cry... not a lot, not for the reasons
      you might expect.

      The review is accurate, literate, thoroughly professional, thoughful,
      and it speaks about the ending of Insufficient Mating Material without
      giving away the story. That takes real skill (in my opinion).

      I think I may have unconsciously waited for years for someone to
      remark upon my endings, hence my powerful --and thrilled-- reaction to
      Heather's insights.

      <<This book also has one of the best ending sequences. Everyone in the
      story pulls together against a common enemy. Ms. Cherry has created a
      seriously evil villain. What goes around comes around, and it
      definitely came back on this villainous specimen.~Heather,

      Borders Romance Expert; Romance Junkies Reviewer, Internet Book
      Database Reviewer (www.ibookdb.net) >>

      What is the big deal? you might well wonder.

      Who knows what matters to one person?

      I have blogged and written articles about my delight in research, and
      my interest on characters, and my enjoyment of the whole gamut of
      humor (apart from slapstick and cruelty). I've even posted about my
      struggles with love scenes, which are not my most favorite things to

      I can't remember ever blogging about the importance of endings to me.
      It's tough to do without either revealing one's own books' endings, or
      risking the appearance of critiquing other authors' concluding chapters.

      A magnificent beginning is important, but I've always been one of
      those perverse individuals who can be glimpsed in bookstores checking
      out the last page. I like to know before I start a book that my
      investment of my dollars and my time will pay off with a gloriously
      happy ending.

      I like a sure thing! Personally, I don't read a book as fast as I can
      to find out What will happen. The How and the Why are what fascinate me.

      And since, for me, the ending is the best part, I like one that I can
      savor, one that isn't over too quickly, one that stays with me. I
      like movies like that, too. Movies I can talk about, and think about
      long after the credits roll and the lights go out.

      If I like a book with a prologue and a first chapter --two beginnings
      for the price of one!-- you can imagine that I like a last chapter and
      an epilogue.

      That is also why I like to read and write cross-genre romances,
      because in a way they require two endings: the hero and heroine not
      only have to save the world/ the day/ the endangered species/ the
      tree... but they also have to agree that they were made for each
      other. All the better if they also, in addition, have to deal with a
      difficult villain.

      Originally, Insufficient Mating Material had a prologue and a first
      chapter. My editor encouraged me to write three consecutive prologues!
      With so many, we could hardly call them Prologues any more. In the
      end, my sense of balance dictated that I wrote three endings to
      balance the prologues... that's why I was so overwhelmed when I saw
      that Heather had chosen to comment on "the ending sequence" of
      Insufficient Mating Material.

      Best wishes,
      Rowena Cherry
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