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55Faery dresses are not tax deductions

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  • rowena cherry
    Apr 2 4:30 PM
      Can you believe it?

      Apparently, the IRS considers authors to be "personalities" which
      means that the clothes they wear for promotional events are not
      deductible even if the author only wears them once.

      Or so someone told me. This is rather bad news, since I am one of 18
      sponsors of the Faery ball taking place at Daytona Beach this May,
      and we Faeries are all expected to turn up, and prance around in
      rather expensive costumes, for which we have to pay.

      Because of legal liability and the inconvenience to hotel staff who
      have to clean up after the ball, we faeries are not throwing glitter
      on our audience.... so all the onus is on how we look.

      As you can imagine, it is not cheap or easy to transform regular
      ladies into plausible fairies of the elfin kind. My dress arrived in
      the mail last week for a fitting. This was rather fun... my husband
      had to help me establish where the seams were correct and where not,
      and make changes using safety pins.

      We took a lot of useful photographs, designed to show the sartorial
      artiste that my bra straps showed, that my dress bulged (ever so
      slightly), and that my bodice concertinaed between my breasts... so I
      have no plans to post those for your delight.

      Suddenly, mid May seems awfully close.

      Good luck, everyone with your taxes. I don't need to remind you that
      the deadline for filing and paying is April 17th in the USA.

      Best wishes,