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36December 3rd, and I'm snowed under

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  • rowena cherry
    Dec 4, 2005
      December 3rd and I'm snowed under, not quite literally, but snow is
      falling outside and I think we'll have several inches.

      I have not yet got to the bulk of my Christmas cards, they are in a
      snowdrift on my dining room table and spilling over the floor. There
      are also some bills in there, and a prize --or consolation prize-- or
      two as well.

      Since I am late, it is beginning to look like the perfect time to
      change my email address and notify everyone of the new one.

      Thank you to those who have entered contests, and to those waiting for
      the next random drawing. My dear husband bought a little device in
      Japan that cuts perfect circles out of paper, which are just perfect
      for my promotional keyfobs... The keyfobs are not a standard sized

      He spent a morning making fobs for me recently. So, I should be good
      to go.

      Meanwhile, I am steaming slowly ahead with the next book INSUFFICIENT
      MATING MATERIAL. I know what I need to do, I have a deadline, but all
      things seem to conspire against me.

      I told my editor that I'd put in a sex scene between pages 150 and 170. After a week of cutting words from any chapter that ran over onto an extra page by fewer than ten lines, I have this scene starting on page 170. I really need to move something, as I'd be happier if I could have the sex on page 168.

      AOL isn't working. I think it might be the phone lines. My dishwasher
      broke -- twice. I had a broken interior pipe and a wall in my garage
      has to come down. I don't know... just when I need to glue myself to
      my chair in front of my ancient IMac, there's stuff to be done, calls
      to make, and workmen to watch.

      The distractions are not all bad, I've been on the radio three times,
      twice with Lori Soard who archives it, and once with Lillian Cauldwell
      on Global Talk.

      I've also been scouring the stores for silk flowers on sale which we'll
      need for the charity ball at the Romantic Times convention next May,
      and I've been working on my costume. I'm to be a sort of alien faery.

      I am still promoting FORCED MATE, which can be bought online via my
      website, as ever, and also ordered from the major bookstores--but it is
      no longer on the shelves, as you would expect after a year with no
      sequel. I'm also promoting MATING NET, which is a $2.50 short story
      available as a download from New Concepts Publishing.
      I received a very kind review just yesterday from Fallen Angel Reviews.

      Have a lovely holiday season!