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250Do you know what a gonopodium is?

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  • Rowena Cherry
    Nov 14, 2008
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      I seldom mention my internet radio shows, but this week I did two and
      they can be found on http://internetvoicesradio.com

      On Tuesday (the day before yesterday) I spent two hours chatting about
      internet promotion with Penny Sansevieri of amarketingexpert.com about
      what she does, and what savvy authors are doing to get the word out
      about their books, and what makes a good website first page.

      Two days before that, last Sunday evening, my guests were Joey W Hill,
      Judi Fennell (visit her site and try to win one of three holidays),
      Sandy Lender, and Jo Webnar. We were talking about manatees and

      I have no idea how someone came to ask Judi about the sexual logistics
      of being a merman with a tail. However, Judi mentioned that the correct
      name for a fish's wedding tackle is a gonopodium. Who knew? Since a
      merman would be an aquatic mammal, I am not sure why it would need a
      modified anal fin. Whales and dolphins (etc) don't need a special name
      for it.

      However, I googled gonopodium, and found that it was indeed a very
      impressive adaptation for targeting what needs to be targeted.

      All the best,
      Rowena Cherry