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210Happy St Patrick's Day

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  • Rowena Cherry
    Mar 16 11:11 AM
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      The last St Patrick's Day I remember was when I was in San Antonio for
      the EPIC convention, and the town painted the river green.

      I've been threading my way up and down America (Detroit to Florida)
      crossing 10 states counting the two routes we took, by car, to avoid
      the various types of storms. I've been on the road for the last three
      weeks, but I've had to be practically no-mail since before Christmas.

      KNIGHT'S FORK is in its final throes. I expect to hear from my editor
      on Tuesday about the eleventh hour revisions that are still needed.
      Other authors (Susan Grant, Deborah Macgillivray for two) have
      mentioned how hard the third book can be to write, which is very
      comforting in a share-the-pain sort of way.

      'Rhett was Mr Reticent when it came to sex. Could you stand it if his
      story was sweet?


      Best wishes,