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161Have I been hacked?

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  • rowena cherry
    Apr 1, 2007
      If anyone is on my web-newsletter list, I would very much appreciate
      hearing from you if you received an email today from

      The only emails I send from this address are around the end of every
      second month to announce that my newsletter is up.

      Today, I was quite displeased to receive an email from "myself"
      promising myself some hot pictures of a certain unfortunate young

      If you received this from me, it wasn't me.

      If you could forward it, I'd be appreciative (then I could take action
      against the hacker, perhaps.)

      If I were going to disseminate such material, you can be sure that I
      would manage not to insert two spelling mistakes into the subject line!

      If you have been offended, I apologize... imagine how offended I am.

      Best wishes,